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Since 2005 we've been building our Resource Vault. If you resonate with Lee-Anne's work at Temple of Balance, you may like to take your connection to deeper levels.

Lee-Anne's work is not about telling you what to do - which some people want - she shares her thoughts, experiences and perspective in an honest and practical way.

Lee-Anne does this to help inspire you to trust in your self, to follow your passions, to heal, let go, awaken or remember. Pay attention to what stands out for you at the time, and please take anything you gain from Temple of Balance and modify it to suit your own lifestyle, personality and experience. Please check back on our website, or in the 'blog' tab for the latest resources.


The Pillar of Light Membership is Lee-Anne's most supportive, current and practical resource. It includes weekly detailed emails aligned with the current energy (coming to you since 2007), monthly healing event, daily support, discounts to special events and other resources. Monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual subs available - see here

With growing interest and support on Patreon, Lee-Anne is pleased to offer supportive services which are not accessible anywhere else. You can access healing list events, digital art prints, personal messages, private healing events, detailed guidance for the month ahead, your own personalised meditation and the very beneficial one-on-one monthly video chat with Lee-Anne. Check out the options here.

Online Art Classes have been operating since early 2021 with so much personal success for students that they will continue. These classes are incredibly healing, revealing, contain great conversation and open up expression through art. Some classes are technically structured, and others are loosely expressive. All are supportive, encouraging, sometimes confronting, but always transformative. Get creating and see the next online art class here.

If you would like more one-on-one time with Lee-Anne, you may find a lot of help from her Intuitive Energy Healing service, which is conducted over the phone or video. This hour-long connection can shift a lot of old energy and align you further with who you are. If you'd like to learn more, please visit here.


Lee-Anne dedicates much of her time to her art creations. You can order your own Spirit Guide Drawing or piece of Healing Art or join Lee-Anne for a supportive Online Art Class. Lee-Anne can see a lot about someone and where they are blocked when she draws for them. These can be very powerful resources that you can continue to work with over the coming years. They can be quite revealing. If you are ready to get to know yourself further through a drawing for you, please learn more here: Healing art or Spirit Guide Drawing

Working with clay is one of Lee-Anne's favourite things to do right now, and she has created sculptures and pieces for you to work with in a different way. These solid and tangible items are created with love and passion to help anchor new energy in for you and your life. Browse her latest ceramic pieces here

Lee-Anne also creates powerful crystal pendants to help you awaken personal energy for you. Whether they be for healing, support or awakening, these pendants are power houses of energy. See what's available here.

Since 2008 Lee-Anne has created card decks to work as a supportive divination and healing tool for you to use in your own home and space. You can browse the three decks available here: Healing Energy Cards, Speed of Light Oracle, and Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards - the Temple of Balance Oracle Cards (rel 2011) are discontinued. These decks are all hand drawn and self published.

If you're lucky you may have the opportunity to add a shamanic hoop drum to your toolkit. Lee-Anne has collaborated with Mike Maddock (a Tasmanian drum maker) to bring you some drums. See what's available here.


Lee-Anne has ten self published books currently available. They range in subject from self healing, to meditation and her story of Atlantis. These are a great way to connect with Lee-Anne's work. Browse her range of books here

Most of Lee-Anne's books are also on Amazon & Kindle - browse here

You can browse some of Lee-Anne's latest blog articles here

Also Lee-Anne shares a lot of wisdom on the Temple of Balance facebook page here


Lee-Anne facilitates online art classes, appears at local events, and sometimes hosts healing retreats in Tasmania, Australia. Stay up to date with current events here - contact us if you'd like to gather people in your area for an event.


Lee-Anne has many dozens of mp3 meditations available here on her website for under a dollar each. You can browse the bundle options here

Over a 5 year period Lee-Anne shared many meditations on her podcast / internet radio program. These can be a very helpful resource with hundreds of archives to choose from. Browse them here.


Lee-Anne's husband, Cory, is our Temple of Balance crystal expert. He sources out genuine and highly energetic pieces from mines in India and Madagascar mainly. Our prices are kept fair compared to much in the 'new age' market these days. Browse what's available here


You can now stay up-to-date with Lee-Anne's latest guidance videos, which are usually live-streamed several times a week on her Facebook page. Link to Video Vault


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THANK YOU for browsing, we trust you find some resources which are helpful for you.