Intuitive Energy Healing - 1hr via phone


with Lee-Anne Peters

Skype or Landline - or video chat



Current waiting time: 3-4 weeks


The purpose of this connection is to clear stubborn / stagnant energetic areas of your body / life and work on replenishing your energy system! Great to help you let go, become grounded, balanced, aligned and motivated to step into the new areas of your life! Can include Spiritual Surgery, Sound Healing, Releasing Karmic Ties, Shamanic Healing and more.

What will happen during an Intuitive Energy Healing?

It's hard to say. These services are not planned at all, and Lee-Anne completely trusts in her intuition and ability to be sensitive to your energy in those moments of connecting. She will talk through what is happening and what she is inspired to bring to your attention, to shift, clear, ignite, open etc.Lee-Anne will always welcome your questions, comments and conversation if needed. Lee-Anne works in a very visual and highly energetic way, so it is common for those receiving to feel energy moving in their body, to feel emotions stir and to even know what Lee-Anne is about to say next. Lee-Anne will do everything in her power to help empower you during your healing session, and will share tips and suggestions for you to maintain the energy work which has been done. A lot can be shifted during this hour session.


Lee-Anne has fine tuned this service since 2005. And after a creative surge and demand forced her to close her books to this service for most of 2014, Lee-Anne is thrilled to be offering a limited amount of these sessions once more. This is on trial however, and Lee-Anne can choose to close her books anytime when other things take priority. However, once your service has been ordered - Lee-Anne will be ready to connect with you, after you both set up a mutually suited time based on the current waiting time above.


Please note that your session is recorded for your listening only - Lee-Anne will forward a link to the recording shortly after your session. Note: audio recording is not available for video chat sessions.


Lee-Anne never recommends regular sessions, but encourages you to work with tools she shares (or ones you already use) and re book only if absolutely necessary. Usually no sooner than six months or more is required.


Lee-Anne will email you within 48hrs after your order, with the next dates and times she has available.



C. from USA - Jan 2017 - "Thanks for checking up on me. I am doing really good. After the healing, like you said might happen, I got  very sleepy and went to bed and slept the rest of the evening and into the next day. I felt very good the next day. I was really impressed with some of the things we did as they were spot on and did represent things I am dealing with. The healing also gave me some new perspectives on old narratives in my life. Thank you for all you do!!"


I have now had two Intuitive Energy Healing sessions with Lee-Anne and have been truly blown away. As a counsellor and Reiki Master I very much believe in how healing physical proximity and physical touch can be and was not sure how deep a connection could possibly be via Skype half way across the earth, however I felt incredibly drawn to Lee-Anne's energy for a long time and trusted my intuition that this was right for me.

I have to say I could not be happier with my choice, throughout the whole session I felt very connected to Lee-Anne and she was so gentle and sensitive and tuned in to me that I found it really easy to open up to her on quite a deep level and reveal even some of my most fragile parts , which she tenderly held the space for and then helped me heal.

Throughout the whole process she kept checking with me how I was feeling and coping and always very patiently waited and listened to me whenever I needed to speak.

Most of all I felt very loved and respected by her.

Both sessions have become turning points for me , heralding the beginning of big changes in the way I accept , understand and love myself and therefore also have impacted greatly on my relationships with my family and at work. I feel more whole as a person and am already planning my next session in a few months time to continue my journey of self discovery and self healing.

Thank you so much Lee-Anne ❤️

Constanze from London , UK


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