Healing Energy Cards - Resolution Spread

When I am looking for a resolution on an issue I often turn to my Healing Energy Cards for assistance and perspective. During a recent time of investigation I developed a new 'spread' (way to layout the cards) to support and add insight into a present issue. I thought you may be interested in it too, and that it may help you, so I trust this article is helpful.


Purpose - to reveal a resolution for a current issue / problem trying to deal with

Deck - Healing Energy Cards

Amount of cards - 6

When to do it - when you feel lost, unsure, uncertain, emotional and in need of perspective.

How often should I do it - intermittently. Consider doing this spread as required when you're unsure. This may be every other week, monthly or a couple of times a year - depending on what you need. For darker moments and a more in depth one-off spread try - 'Please Help Me' spread.

Method -

1. Shuffle your Healing Energy Cards in preparation to begin. Have your journal nearby.

2. As you shuffle look at the positions and what that area of the spread relates to (refer to the image below). Look at and think about position 1, then 2 and so on until you get to 6. Know clearly in your own mind what you are doing and what each position in the spread represents.

3. When you feel ready finish shuffling and prepare to pull the cards the way you usually do. If you don't have a 'usual' way then split the deck into two and place the pile from the bottom onto the top. The cards should remain face down. Now you have a pile of cards in front of you.

[Spread / layout chart]

4. Refer to the image above for your spread, and keeping them face down, take the first card from the top of the deck and place it at position 1. Then the second card into position 2, and so on until you get to card 6 and position 6. Place the bulk of the deck to the side.

5. Now start at position 1 and turn that card over. As you connect with the card itself, think of it in relation to the position focused on the PAST - relating to your current feelings or issue. How is it connected? What is the main message from this card and can you connect it easily to your 'past' in relation to something you are dealing with now? Write your findings in your journal.

6. Move to position 2 when you're ready and turn that card over. Study the card and trust your intuition as you perceive its message for you. Then look at it in regards to it's position and relationship to your actual current ISSUE and what is happening now in your life. Expand your viewpoint and look at the bigger picture. Make note of what is revealed to you.

7. Turn your attention to position 3 and flip over that card. What is the card and what is its message for you today. Think of it in regards to RESOLVING your current issue. What is its angle and how does it relate to a resolution? Grab your journal and write down what you discover.

8. When you're done turn the card over at position 4. Again study the card and trust your intuition with it. This position in the spread will offer some insight into PERSPECTIVE with the issue and another angle of it. This can be helpful if you've been so obsessed or fixated upon the problem. Make notes of what feels important to you about this section.

9. Flip over the card at position 5 - this section of the spread is all about YOU and your role, your feelings and perhaps your own resistances to this current issue. This can be an eye-opener, so be willing to consider what the card says to you. An automatic rejection of it should raise question in you about why you reacted so. Study the card and work out what its message is for you today, especially in relation to your role in what is happening. Jot down what's important in your journal.

10. Move your attention to position 6 and turn over that card. What is it and what's the main message you sense from it today? How does that connect in your mind to it's position in the spread? Think about it as what's NEXT - where are you going from here, what's your focus to move forward and how to proceed. Make notes in your journal.

11. When you've done studying the cards and working out their message in relation to their position in the spread, collect the cards and place them on top of the rest of the deck. Shuffle them and then put your deck away until next time.

Have fun exploring this spread and using it to help you understand what you are going through and how to move through it. Some cards you pull may be confronting in certain positions, however sometimes they have to be to help you clearly see what is going on. Remember if you don't like the path you're heading towards then do something about it. Try not to roll around in the pain of your life for too long.

I look forward to hearing your experience with this spread - and if you would like any assistance with the interpretation, just let me know in the comments which cards you pulled in the positions and what you have worked out their meanings are so far - and any you are stuck with.

If you'd like to learn more about my Healing Energy Cards, please take a look HERE

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters



  • Hi Lee-Anne I came across this new way of reading your healing energy cards as I stumbled unexpectly on an issue that I can’t shake off! from the time I wake up till I go to bed it’s been making me very unbalanced and unhappy… I know something needs to shift so I used your healing cards for the read they were very accurate and like you said confronting…all will be well I’m sure of it and I am so glad I done this read I trust this issue will resolve itself thankyou and love and light xxx

    Julie Forster
  • Hello!I don’t have yet your cards so I used the ones of Angels and it was very interesting spread for me.I now have motivation to resolve my issue and clear guidance on how to.

  • Hi Leanne, I have only used the Healing Energy Cards for this spread, however I don’t see why it wouldn’t work using others. Have a go and see!! xx

  • hi again just reading the way to read your healing energy cards as im just starting i brought your oracle cards will they be the same to use in your example of the healing ones

  • Hi Linda – thanks for sharing and I am so pleased you are enjoying the decks. It brings me great joy to see you working with this great spread. I pulled the cards out of the deck you drew and will just add a couple of perspectives for you, especially on the last card position – #6 – 21. 3rd eye opening – when I think of this card and energy with you, and in this position the word that comes to mind is TRUST. Trust in your journey, your choices and the unfolding. Your intuition is strong and will guide you more and more deeply as you allow it to. I feel quite excited about what is opening up for you.
    In position #3 with the resolve keyword – another perspective of having card #36 there is NOURISHMENT. Self nourishing yourself through the challenges to bring about resolve and align you up with the new life and environment you are birthing now.
    Position #4 – another perspective, and drawing #42. Self confrontation is interesting and suggests there may be some self-sabotage going on which you didn’t realise. You’re encouraged to have courage to look honestly in the mirror and release the issues which are revealed.
    Enjoy working with them and I trust they help you shift through this time and come out the other side. xxx I LOVE your perspectives xxxx LOVE, Lee-Anne


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