Healing Energy Cards - 'Please Help Me' Spread

Amidst a time of personal turmoil - health related - I needed reassurance, perspective and solutions to consider - this was the catalyst for birthing this new card spread called the - Please Help Me - spread.

I found it very insightful and uncannily accurate - even to the point of highlighting the exact health problem I was experiencing.

Please note though, that this sort of spread should never replace professional help which may be required or essential, it is seen as more of a support during times of heightened stress.

I trust you find this beneficial.


Purpose - to support, offer alternatives to consider, perspective shifts and reassurance during times of direct turmoil, stress or uncertainty.

Deck - Healing Energy Cards

Amount of cards - 8

When to do it - when you feel stressed, things seen hopeless, there is uncertainty in health, mental or emotional status, or when experiencing physical changes, or worry about others which is deeply affecting you. This spread is designed to support you during your most dire and lowest points in your life.

How often should I do it - rarely. As a one-off during most challenging times. Refer to Resolution Spread  for more ongoing support.

Method -

1. Shuffle your Healing Energy Cards in preparation to begin. Have your journal nearby.

2. As you shuffle simply repeat out loud or in your mind - Please Help me.

3. When you feel ready finish shuffling and prepare to pull the cards the way you usually do. If you don't have a 'usual' way then split the deck into two and place the pile from the bottom onto the top. The cards should remain face down. Now you have a pile of cards in front of you.


[Spread / layout chart]

4. Refer to the image above for your spread, and keeping them face down, take the first card from the top of the deck and place it at position 1. Then the second card into position 2, and so on until you get to card 8 and position 8. Place the bulk of the deck to the side.

5. Now start at position 1 and turn that card over. As you connect with the card itself, think of it in relation to the position focused on the CURRENT PROBLEM. It should simply highlight what the problem is. You should be able to easily connect the card with your current problem.

6. Move to position 2 when you're ready and turn that card over. Study the card and trust your intuition as you perceive its message for you. Then look at it in regards to it's position and the actual PAST HISTORY OF THE PROBLEM. Consider what this card is telling you about the conditions, duration and what the past is which connects directly with the problem - aka position 1.

7. Turn your attention to position 3 and flip over that card. What is the card and what is its message for you today? Think of it in regards to the FACTORS OF THE PROBLEM. This will likely include things like: factors, what led to the problem, underlying influences etc.

8. When you're done turn the card over at position 4. Again study the card and trust your intuition with it. This position in the spread will offer some insight into the PROBLEM / ISSUE ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL - this is about you now. How the problem effects you? How do you feel about the problem? etc.

9. Flip over the card at position 5 - this section of the spread is about looking at the ACTION STEPS WHICH CAN BE TAKEN TOWARDS A POTENTIAL SOLUTION. This is the 'action' area of the spread. Consider what the card is highlighting and emphasizing in regards to a solution and how you may take steps from the problem now to finding a practical solution.

10. Move your attention to position 6 and turn over that card. This card is about a POTENTIAL SOLUTION. This will offer a new perspective and a potential way of proceeding.

11. Next is position 7 - flip over that card when you're ready. This is the OPTIONS FOR SUPPORT position. This is about take self-responsibility, asking for help, assessing what the support is like around you now, and what may help support you. This may be external help, but usually it will be how you can support yourself better through this problem.

12. The final is position 8 - reveal this card. This is the HOW TO PROCEED position and it refers to what's next, how to move forward and what to look forward to in the coming hours, days or weeks. This position may also highlight what requires changing so you can move towards a solution to this problem.

13. When you've done studying the cards and working out their message in relation to their position in the spread, collect the cards and place them on top of the rest of the deck. Shuffle them and then put your deck away until next time.

Alternatively you can keep the cards out and keep them close by for the rest of the day or the days to come.

I trust this spread helps you understand and support a problem you may be facing right now. Always be open-minded to the perspective the cards are presenting, but ultimately trust your own intuition and feelings on what is right for you.

I trust your problem is resolved soon,

If you'd like to learn more about my Healing Energy Cards, please take a look HERE

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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