On Monday the 21st of June I hosted our second Solstice Online Gathering. This was available for our active Pillar of Light Members and June Temple of Balance Patrons.

We had around 30 x people from all around the world attend online via Zoom. It was a fantastic couple of hours spent conversing, exploring and reading our cards.

As promised, especially for those who couldn't attend, I have created this blog article to share the spread layout with you - for you to try yourself.

Please modify any sections of the spread to best suit your needs. If you do want to adjust anything, please do it before you get out your cards and begin. For example, if you have a specific concern / obstacle - think of a clear question you need answered and replace what I've suggested for position 1 with your question.

Same with position 2 - about growth, relationships etc.

Position 3 - purpose, direction and movement.

Position 4 - connection, physical health, spiritual connections.

Thank you to all who attended. I look forward to getting together in this way again in the December Solstice 2021.

To participate in person, please become a Pillar of Light Members or Temple of Balance Patron.

Let's explore...

Lee-Anne Peters



Purpose - to offer insight into our current concerns, areas of interest, purpose, direction, connections, health concerns, and how to best proceed for these coming six months.

Deck - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards - combined with - Speed of Light Oracle Cards. Any accurate oracle deck will work with this spread.

Amount of cards - 5

When to do it - when guidance, perspective or insight is required.

How often should I do it - approximately once per 4 - 6 weeks.

Method -

1. Shuffle your Oracle Cards in preparation to begin. Have your journal nearby.

2. As you shuffle simply repeat out loud or in your mind - Please show me what I need to know (optional: and you can add here: in regards to..... XXXX - whatever your current concern or interest is). For example: If I want to know how my relationship is going at present, I may ask the cards - please show me what I need to know in regards to my relationship with others and myself.

3. When you feel ready finish shuffling and prepare to pull the cards the way you usually do. If you don't have a 'usual' way then split the deck into two and place the pile from the bottom onto the top. The cards should remain face down. Now you have a pile of cards in front of you.


[Spread / layout guide]

4. Refer to the image above for your spread. Keeping your cards face down, take the first card from the top of the deck and place it at position 1. Then the second card into position 2, and so on until you get to card 8 and position 8. Place the remaining deck to the side.

5. Now start at position 1 and turn that card over. As you connect with the card itself, think of it in relation to the position focused on CURRENT OBSTACLES. Consider in this position - concerns, obstacles, setbacks etc. This should be something you can relate to and understand at present. This will help establish an important 'anchor' point and validate the rest of the cards.

6. Move to position 2 when you're ready and turn that card over. Study the card and trust your intuition as you perceive its message for you. Then look at it in regards to it's position of: GROWTH - consider - how can you grow further?

7. When you're ready turn your attention to position 3 and flip over that card. What is the card and what is its message for you today? Think of it in regards to: PURPOSE & DIRECTION - Consider: clarification about your purpose / direction - in this position.

8. When you're done turn the card over at position 4. Again study the card and trust your intuition with it. This position in the spread will offer some insight into: CONNECTIONS. Consider what is your current state of connection and how can you connect further? This can be in relation to body, mind, emotions or spirit. So health, intuition, spirituality etc.

9. Flip over the card at position 5 - this section of the spread is about looking at: ACTION and something proactive to consider. How can you proceed? It should tie in with most of the other cards.

10. Looking back over the spread now, look for the relationships and connections between the cards, note any areas that you'd like to further investigate - through journalling, contemplation, conversation, meditation etc. And consider what your next course of action will be - what will you do next?

11. When you've finished studying the cards and working out their message in relation to their position in the spread, collect the cards and place them on top of the rest of the deck. Shuffle them and then put your deck away until next time.

Alternatively you can keep the cards out and keep them close by for the rest of the day or the days to come - allowing their message and energy to sink in.

Consider actions you can take from the information you've received.

I trust this spread helps you journey through this time,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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  • Hello Leanne!
    I’ve just done this spread ( oddly I forgot to pull a card this morning so your post was perfectly timed).
    I took a photo of the spread but don’t think I can send that!
    I asked the question 3 times what I needed to know about my business….
    They came out as follows…
    1 Eagles Nest
    2 Masked Owl
    3 Echidna
    4 Elementals
    5 Solar Cycle + Rainbow serpent.

    My interpretation of the spread is…

    That I have to have a little more patience and that it will all happen in its own time…if I try to force it the outcome will not be the same.
    That I need to think positive about myself and not let self doubt throw me off
    That I need to just stay focused and not overthink everything.
    That everything will open up and flow if I relax a bit.
    That in the next 24 hours things will shift and start to change direction…and I should just go with the flow and let it happen.

    Thankyou so much for this post…it was totally unexpected!

    Karen x

    Karen Myers

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