Our Team

Meet the Temple of Balance team!


Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and its driving force. It's through her passion, dedication, inspiration and intuition that Temple of Balance is what it is today.

Lee-Anne could be called many titles, but she doesn't like them. Instead she encourages you to see who she is through your heart, and explore her tools through this website if you're inspired to.

She loves many things, including: playing the trumpet, singing, creating and nature.


Cory Peters

Cory and Lee-Anne are married Twin Flames, reunited in late 2008.

Managing emails, event bookings and packing orders Cory does a lot of work behind-the-scenes.

Cory is also our crystal expert, and has a passion for genuine and unique pieces.

He enjoys the quiet and tranquil sounds of nature and a wide variety of music.


Mike Maddock

Mike is our Tasmania Drum maker. With many years of experience Mike has developed a durable, long-lasting and well made shamanic drum using Tasmanian timbers.

These are the only drums Lee-Anne & Cory use and back one-hundred percent.

Mike is a hardworking, humerous and talented gentleman.