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A spectacular plane coloured by the rising sun. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Spotted here in Sorell just after 6.30am Tuesday 28th Feb 2017.
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Temple of Balance FACTS:
Temple of Balance was founded on 25 February 2005 by Lee-Anne Peters.
Temple of Balance is based online, and is operated from Lee-Anne's studio / office in Tasmania, Australia.
Lee-Anne released her first paperback book - Temple of Balance the book - in May 2011.
Lee-Anne has self published and self distributed eleven paperbacks and four card decks (valid July 2019).
Healing Energy Cards were Lee-Anne's first deck of cards - release 2008.
Healing Energy Cards have had three print runs (valid July 2021).
Temple of Balance Facebook Page started in 2009.
In July 2021, the Temple of Balance Facebook Page had over 600,000 fans - all organic.
Lee-Anne and her husband work full-time being of service through Temple of Balance.
All products are hand packaged by Lee-Anne and Cory.
Lee-Anne and Cory 'remembered their love' in December 2008.
Lee-Anne was born in Tasmania, Australia, and Cory was born in Houston, Texas. They now both live in Tasmania.
Humour in Clay Award - Tasmania Ceramics Association Exhibition - 2021
Humour in Clay Award - Tasmania Ceramics Association Exhibition - 2020
Band Person of the year - Clarence City Band - 2020
Conductor's Award - Clarence City Concert Band - 2020
People's Choice - community spirit award - Clarence City Transition Band - 2020
Conductor's Award - Clarence City Jazz Ensemble - 2020
Humour in Clay Award - Tasmania Ceramics Association Exhibition - 2018
Band Person of the year - Clarence City Band - 2018
People's Choice - community spirit award - Clarence City Concert Band - 2018.
Suncorp Bank, five-grand helping hand. People's Choice Award - 2012
^ Clarence City Council Mayor, Doug Chipman, awarding 'Band Person of the Year' to Lee-Anne in 2020.
Guest presenter, tending to the nest: finding balance - MBS Festival, Sydney 2015
Guest presenter, self published your story - Paranormal & Spiritual Expo, Sydney 2015
Book Launch, Atlantis: A Return Home - Sydney 2014
Australia Tour - Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth - March/April/May 2014
Various events per year in Melbourne, Sydney & Hobart - 2007-2019
SHORT BIO: Lee-Anne Peters is founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance and she lives on the island of Tasmania, Australia with her husband, and has two adult children. She has self published many paperback books including the Ascension Mastery Series. Lee-Anne has also self published, written and illustrated four decks of cards including Healing Energy Cards. Lee-Anne is passionate about art, living in balance, music, self healing, authenticity, empowerment and finding purpose in life.
LONG BIO: The founder of Temple of Balance - Lee-Anne Peters is the eldest of four girls and was born and raised on the island of Tasmania, Australia.
An ex-hairdresser and beautician, Lee-Anne stepped her devotion to drawing up in 2005 and began doing it full time. She discovered and developed her skills through trial and error, as well as stepping outside any limitations she felt.
In 2008 Lee-Anne released her first set of illustrated cards, called - Healing Energy Cards. And then further released oracle card decks in 2011, 2014 and 2018.
In 2011 she released her first book - Temple of Balance the book - with aim of inspiring the reader to look at life a little differently and explore the somewhat 'unseen' realms. In August 2015, Lee-Anne released her tenth paperback book - The Warrior - part three of the Ascension Mastery Series.
Combining her LOVE for nature, crystals and creating, in 2013 Lee-Anne was taught how to craft pendants by Karen at Lunaozi Dreams in Melbourne. Lee-Anne enjoys creating unique pieces of art for people to wear and support them.
After years of hibernation Lee-Anne rediscovered her passion for working with clay, and in 2014, and under the tuition of local Tasmanian potter Jude Maisch, she explored this hands-on medium. In 2019 Lee-Anne spent a week with world-famous potter Sergei Isupov to learn porcelain hand-building and decorating techniques.
Lee-Anne continues to explore, create and discover new ways of expressing herself.
When asked what inspires her, she says it's her life experience, how she feels and what she observes around her and in nature.
Lee-Anne could never just be an artist who draws - she is multi-faceted and is willing to explore and try anything creative.
Lee-Anne lives in South-Eastern Tasmania with her husband Cory, and two teenage children from her first marriage.
Lee-Anne is a member of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association.
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