A range of Lee-Anne's original soft pastel and charcoal drawings. From Healing Art, Spirit Guide Drawings to Illustrations which are contributing to one of her new oracle card decks. Lee-Anne is a self-taught artist and enjoys bringing her meditations, visions and dreams to life through drawing.

Lee-Anne's older artwork is signed with: "L.Willson" - this is Lee-Anne's maiden name and she has been signing her drawings and paintings with it since she was young. Her grandfather always encouraged her to sign her name on her artwork. Out of respect for her grandfather and the 'Willson' name - which will not be carried on in the forthcoming generations, Lee-Anne still signs her drawings under the name Willson.

Lee-Anne is inspired by: "my meditations, dream visions and the way I 'see' the world. I allow my imagination to run wild when I draw. I love playing with colours and patterns to see how they will manifest on the paper. I love paying extra attention to the eyes and really bringing this important area to life."