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Temple of Balance is simply a place to inspire you to follow your passions in life and to find your balance. This is not based around any tradition, instead, through founder Lee-Anne Peters' own personal discoveries. These along with her integrity and her candid approach have created Temple of Balance to be what it is today.

Lee-Anne is the driving force behind Temple of Balance, and has been working with much dedication to be 'of service' full-time since February 2005.

As an artist, author and healer Lee-Anne creates many tools and resources everyday to help those who are led here.

On this site you'll find Lee-Anne's own created and designed: pendants, ceramics, art and card decks. Or you may connect more with Lee-Anne's words through her writings, books, videos or meditations. Perhaps you'd like to work more personally with Lee-Anne through one of her supportive services or retreats. There is so much here to discover, so trust what draws your attention as you browse this space.

Temple of Balance is never going to be a fixed idea that fits into some molded brand. It grows, expands and is ever-improving. It's not based on 'the market' and what will 'sell' - but focused around what Lee-Anne feels she wants to share and create from her heart and genuine willingness to help others. We trust you find something helpful here.

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