CARD SPREAD: What do I need?

Yesterday I made up a new three card reading spread that I am inspired to share here with you.

I've found it not only revealing, but also extremely productive in moving through a situation that could have weighed me down for a longer period of time.

I've called this the 'What do I need? spread'.

It's been evident to me for many years that what I need and what I want can be two very different things. I think many of us tend to act impulsively in regards to our wants and desires, but perhaps don't take the time to ask and really listen to what we need.

For me, I can trust in what I need for my highest truth, and although I can mostly trust in what I want because I know what is best for my personality, living environment and interests sometimes what I want pushes to the front of what I need.

This spread lays it out simply.

I use my Healing Energy Cards for this spread, however you can use other decks if you prefer.

I trust you enjoy this,




Purpose - To provide perspective, insight and a simple view of the current bigger picture.

Deck - Healing Energy Cards 1 and / or Healing Energy Cards 2 (combined or separate).

Amount of cards - 3

When to do it - anytime when interested in an overview of one's current state or position in life.

How often should I do it - approximately once per week.

Method -

1. Shuffle your Healing Energy Cards in preparation to begin. Have your journal nearby.

2. As you shuffle simply repeat out loud or in your mind - Please show me what I need.

3. When you feel ready finish shuffling and prepare to pull the cards the way you usually do. If you don't have a 'usual' way then split the deck into two and place the pile from the bottom onto the top. The cards should remain face down. Now you have a pile of cards in front of you.

[Spread / layout guide]

4. Refer to the image above for your spread. Keeping your cards face down, take the first card from the top of the deck and place it at position 1. Then the second card into position 2, and the third card at position 3. Place the remaining deck to the side.

5. Now start at position 1 and turn that card over. As you connect with the card itself, think of it in relation to the position: Overview of me now. Consider in this position - where you are now in an overall sense. This should be something you can relate to and understand at present. This will help establish an important 'anchor' point and validate the rest of the cards. Learn more about 'anchor cards'.

6. Move to position 2 when you're ready turn that card over. Study the card and trust your intuition as you perceive its message for you. It could be a simple and clear message or more complex. Then look at it in regards to it's position of: What I want now - consider your current wants.

7. When you're ready turn your attention to position 3 and flip over that card. What is the card and what is its message for you today? Think of it in regards to: What I need now. Sometimes this will be similar to position 2, which means your wants and needs are currently pretty well aligned, whereas sometimes they will be completely opposite.

8. Spend some time contemplating your messages, especially the relationship between positions 2 and 3. It maybe worth considering to back off slightly on your personal message at position 2 and tend to a little more position 3's message.

9. Example: 2. WHAT I WANT NOW? To accomplish things. 3. WHAT I NEED NOW? To let go and surrender. Suggestion; keep the 'want' present, however allow the 'need' recommendation to step to the fore for the next day or so and see what happens. Sometimes this will help clear the way for the 'want'.

10. When you've finished studying the cards and working out their message in relation to their position in the spread, collect the cards and place them on top of the rest of the deck. Shuffle them and then put your deck away until next time.

Alternatively you can keep the cards out and keep them close by for the rest of the day or the days to come - allowing their message and energy to sink in.

Consider actions you can take from the information you've received.

I trust this spread supports you and expands your use of the cards,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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