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Speed of Light Oracle: 55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit!
Illustrated & written by Lee-Anne Peters
UPDATE: 20 Dec 2020 - Currently the Speed of Light Oracle Cards are sold out. This, coincidentally has lined up with my Healing Energy Cards selling out too. In an ideal world I would love to get both of those decks, plus my new Healing Energy Cards 2 printed, however this will way over blow our budget. At this stage we have decided to invest the next print run to reprint of Healing Energy Cards (original deck - 3rd edition), and the brand new Healing Energy Cards 2. This is estimated to be in the latter part of 2021. Following that time, I would like to do a reprint of these Speed of Light Oracle Cards. At this stage, the plan is in 2022. Please keep an eye out for updates on our Speed of Light Oracle Facebook page. Lee-Anne Peters
Speed of Light Oracle Cards are highly energetic hand-drawn cards by author, artist and illustrator Lee-Anne Peters. A unique deck to help inspire you to embrace your journey of life. With unique illustrations and to-the-point guidance, these cards will offer you a wide spectrum of practical advice, insight and the prompting of forward movement.
The Speed of Light Oracle can take you to new levels and new depths, and they contain a strong, yet balanced shamanic and stellar undertone.
The 55 cards provide often uncanny accuracy helping you adjust and understand the current energies around you and your life. These cards contain a strong mix of visual and surrealist style art, spirit animals and spiritual teachers. This makes for a highly versatile and in-depth deck that gets accurately to the core of any issue you may be working through. This deck offers tools to help you be released from illusion and to align further with your authentic self.
Helping you capture the bigger picture, to reach new heights spiritually and to work with practical guidance, the Speed of Light Oracle are suitable for anyone. The cards are a tool that can help you awaken further to your own spiritual and psychic gifts.

Author / Artist: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 2014
Price: AU$29.95 (plus shipping - see below)
Weight: 248g (total 270g with packaging)
ISBN: 9780987070852
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance
Card Count: 55
Booklet: 80pgs
Box: 2 x part - sturdy
Card Size: w: 8.5cm x h: 11cm
Special Features: Includes optional 9 x featured cards to add more depth to your reading.
This deck can be combined with Lee-Anne's Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards for more options and depth of reading.



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