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Temple of Balance is somewhat hard to define for it is so many things. Founder Lee-Anne Peters, from Tasmania, Australia - is the driving force behind Temple of Balance taking it to new levels and new depths through her words, creations and willingness to change.

It is not a place you can visit - it is a presence or a space which has been created beyond the physical reality. When connecting with something beyond the limitations of the physical world beautiful connections and awakenings can be made.

Temple of Balance encourages people to find balance within their home, heart and life - to embrace their inner and outer ‘Temple’ and to establish a unique relationship with themselves.

Lee-Anne thinks of Temple of Balance as a way of life - and that this way of life is unique for each person. Temple of Balance reminds people to nurture their ‘Temple’ - the body, emotions, relationships, home and their way of life. It also encourages people to find and live in their ‘Balance’ within their sacred ‘Temple.’

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In mid-2012 Temple of Balance won the people's choice award in Suncorp Bank's 5-grand helping hand. This $5,000 Lee-Anne put towards the 2nd print run of her Healing Energy Cards, and therefore kept the retail price of that print run at $19.95, thanks to that grant. That run has since sold out.

On the 28th Sept 2018, Lee-Anne won her first art award for 'humour in clay' (the John Watson award) at the Tasmanian Ceramics Associations annual art exhibition in Hobart. The piece which won is called 'Mummy's Boy Lollie Jar' - and it is part of a small series of hand-built jars featuring a cheeky character holding a little clay teddy bear.

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