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Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards
fifty-five reflections of who you are!
Illustrated & created by Lee-Anne Peters


The Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards are down-to-earth and relatable tools to support you on your life journey. They’ve been diligently fine-tuned and have spent over four years in creation. This ensures their accuracy and potential to help you understand any issues you face in life

Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards have been created based on the law of attraction - which means that once you establish your unique connection with the deck, you can trust that you will attract the cards you need at any given time in your life.

The Animal Kingdom Oracle are brightly coloured, highly accurate and easy-to-use cards. Featuring over fifty animals including: Dragons, Raven, Shark, Lady Bug, Wolf, Orcas, Dolphin, Condor, Eagle and so many more. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind independently created animal deck, which is bound to bring you many decades of guidance and insight.

Author / Artist: Lee-Anne Peters
Released: 25 Oct 2018
Price: AU$29.95 (plus shipping - see below)
Weight: approx 270g (total 350g with packaging)
ISBN: 9780987070845
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance
Card Count: 55
Booklet: 94pgs
Bag: Cards & booklet are contained within an organza bag inside the box (colour of bag may vary)
Box: 2 x part - sturdy
Card Size: w: 8.5cm x h: 11cm
Special Features: Includes five Dragon Elemental Cards and four Featured Timing Cards to add more depth to your reading.
Designed to use combined with Lee-Anne's Speed of Light Oracle Cards.

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