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Deeply, slowly...
I meet myself where I am.
In this moment.
Calm, content, allowing,
Active and alert.
In my body,
The rain forest adventure resides within me now.
Reverberating within each cell of my being.
Renewed in more ways than can be counted.
What new can be created now?
Where can this energy take me?
How can it be carried through physically?
It will birth and manifest itself through my creativity, willingness to share, be open, be confident and to be myself.
It flows through me.
With LOVE.
Lee-Anne Peters
19 May 2024
Out on the edge,
Getting everything into position,
Before taking the plunge.
The time is fast approaching,
Where doors of responsibility close,
And doors with new responsibilities open.
Nothing lasts forever,
The time arrives eventually,
Where we have to let go and move on.
In the meantime, we see this through,
Count down the days,
Take the 'ring' to the finish line.
Then we can pass it onto another,
Draw a deep breath,
And jump off the cliff and into the unknown with faith.
All phases and cycles move to their completion,
We will mourn,
The memories are ours to keep.
We move up through the Spiral of Grace.
Lee-Anne Peters
28 August 2023
I waited... painting,
Then, the cars passed,
The flags waved.
Outside I went,
To wave,
I was touched.
Meeting up,
Listening to true stories,
In a room full of strangers.
We all had common ground,
"I do this for you,
I am in your tribe"
The 'Story Collector' said.
Tears of gratitude
Streamed down my face.
Again, I was touched.
At home,
I was quiet,
The wind howled uncomfortably all night until,
I let it move,
I felt its might,
It hollowed out deeply.
Then it whistled.
It whistled to me,
Singing gratitude for my role,
My ground level work,
My art,
My desire and action,
Helping encourage; strength,
Self assessment,
I'm interested in the individual,
I'm interested in supporting,
And helping through my visual art and actions.
In being a role model,
A part of the team,
The whole,
A family on Earth.
I haven't stopped on this,
For seventeen and a half years,
I continue to forge,
To help others find themselves.
I'm inspired and revived now,
My mission is clearer than ever,
To help those who cross paths with me,
To help strengthen them,
And to access their truth.
Not by pushing, or preaching,
But by being the role model of what I see is needed.
I see people growing,
I see them improving,
I see them making better choices too.
Yet the biggest thing I see right now is,
A deep desire to help each other,
To be kind and thoughtful,
To work together,
To unite and belong
This fills my heart,
... it overflows with gratitude.
A massive heart-felt thank you,
To all who are walking their talk,
To those who are helping,
To those who are working hard to unite the people.
United we do stand,
Divided, we fall.
Lee-Anne Peters
22 August 2022
Beyond the surface of who I am,
Something deeper takes hold,
Something new wants to push forth,
Something different wants to become known (to me).

I feel enticed and curious,
By the mysteries around me,
By the signs and synchronicities,
By the potentials of this moment.

The Black Swan - in true elegance and form,
Calls me into it's world,
Into the murky fertile waters,
Into it's powerful, slow and slender movements.

The Tiger Snake - with it's scary persona,
Takes me into my inner caves,
To consider, think and feel,
And to contemplate what I am afraid of.

The 'Yarrow' herb - growing wildly in abundance,
Is a carpet of growth, greenery and joy,
Balancing the flow,
Clearing my blood and bringing me home.

The Dragonfly - with it's transparent wings,
It's form hovers, it's colours shimmer,
Makes me confront what is changing about my reality,
And gives rise to a new true reality for me.

The history, of my ancestors and lands past,
Warms my heart with connection,
Brings me feeling of belonging,
And ignites my purpose.

I am here, because I was led here,
I am ready to step into the unknown,
I am ready to stretch and reach my neck out,
I am ready to move into newer and truer realities,
I am ready to embrace a new chapter in my life,
I am ready to take my art to new levels,
I am ready to get my feet into the Earth,
I am ready to leave the coast,
I am ready to return to the country,
I am ready.
I know that I am ready, because I am here, feeling this way, experiencing this moment and supported with incredible synchronicities.

My thoughts on this Friday morning <3

Lee-Anne Peters
14 January 2022
Picking path
Avoid rip
Skinny dip
Carry me out into the open sea,
Beyond the waves,
Beyond the weeds.
Where I can lay back,
In full surrender,
Fully me and fully tender.
To the place where the whales swim,
Into the depths,
And under me.
Where nothing is,
Yet all exists,
Raw, primal, potent.
Out here no news or politics persuade,
No drama invades,
Just the purity of nature.
I synch with Gaia,
My natural place,
The place that reminds me,
Of balance and grace.
Here I can confidently reveal my face,
I can be who I want,
There's no rat race.
This is my moment,
This is my freedom.
Lee-Anne Peters
5 October 2021
Laying bare,
Peeled back,
The tree of souls,
The place of connection,
The bridge between Heaven and Earth.
I come to you now,
Barefoot with your roots,
Under the stars,
Walking between worlds,
Ready to create you, manifest you and form you.
Lee-Anne Peters
28 August 2021
Too many ideas,
I can't sleep.
My body is exhausted,
My head is alight.
Ideas spark,
More ideas form.
Relax and sleep...
Dear mind,
I like some of these ideas,
I've written them down,
So please, let's come back to them tomorrow,
When the sun is up,
When the birds sing,
Let's see then what your ideas might bring.
But now, dear mind,
I'd like to rest.
I'd like my heart to relax,
And my limbs to detach,
As I drift into my land of dreams.
Lee-Anne Peters
12 June 2021

I LOVE hard work, productivity and pushing myself.
I work hard, doing what?
Trying to help, and express myself through my words and art.
I put myself wholly out there,
No holding back,
I find that productive times are rewarding times.
They are the products of my hard work,
... my personal accomplishments.
Pushing myself keeps me asking questions like these.
I push myself through challenges, learning and growing.
My back bone is strong.
Taking a break... with no creating, no trumpet practice and a detachment from my work at home, feels strange.
Suddenly all stops.
My plans, my schedule, my highly organised life pauses.
It is temporarily untouchable...
Strange, but... I love it.
I am thrust into quiet, no plans, rest, contemplation and assessment.
There is nowhere to go, but pause, listen, live and breathe.
Holding onto these precious moments.
The stop, in between the go!!
Becoming comfortable in both is interesting.
I go to stop, and I stop to go.
Contemplating the horizontal path, the journey, the green light and red light, my 'stop and go times' environment right now.
That environment governs how my stop / go energy is.
Throughout various phases of my life, lifestyle and environment... it has changed.
Right now I am in a larger arc of the phases...
Which is new and different.
Previously, my stop / go energy has been daily, now it is monthly (plus).
I adapt, adjust and work with this arc, and ebb / flow.
I am the ocean tide.
I am the moon cycle.
I am the deeply moving sands.
Feeling grateful for this arc and what I can 'do' and when I can 'stop'.
To me, it may look different to before,
And the future will look different to now.
What can I learn?
How can I grow?
How can I appreciate?
My life is here for me to live!!!
... and live it I must!
Lee-Anne Peters
2 May 2021


My bridge is under construction,
It is underway,
Complex, yet ordered.

It is stretching from past and into future,
...like a time machine.


I hold the plans,
... the paper work is in my hands.

I'm also the builder,
... for all bridges need one.

I hammer, construct and build it.
Pushing myself.
Making contact with experts.
Asking the questions.
Listening for answers.

My bridge is like a birds wing.
It arcs outward,
Soft and aerodynamic.
It lifts up,
Catches the breath of life.
It carries me higher.

... and still I push myself.
I recognise what I actually cannot do,
... and I push myself further into what I actually can do.

My bridge is full of opportunities,
These opportunities open new doors,
Silent non-action no more,
Action has been taken now,
I just did it.

I pressed send,
I filled out the application,
I asked experts for advice,
I have notes,
I am ready...

Working on this last push to complete my bridge,
I will land upon the new shores of my life.
I am ready to challenge myself,
And to meet my new capabilities.

I am ready to fly on the wings of my new bridge, and into the vast potential of the unknown.

I am ready to fly a little higher...
I WANT to fly a little higher...
It's up to me!

- Lee-Anne Peters
24 January 2021
Fallen into the ruins,
- the inner darkness,
- the inner shadow,
- the inner fear.
The place where life ends and destruction reins.
Underneath the ashen ground, the serpent stirs.
It moves in time with the drum's beat.
The heart's beat...
A gentle rhythm...
A comforting tune...
The serpent emerges through the ashes,
In a place where truth and fairness have fallen,
The cobra brings it...
The serpent eats the ashes,
It consumes the darkness,
It drinks the fear,
It irradicates the destruction...
Transforming illusion into truth....
Transforming destruction into creation.
The serpent brings in new life.
Laid out,
Body flat,
On the back,
On the fresh green grass.
Thoughts of creation,
All that's been created...
Runs through the head.
Life starts to overthrow death.
Creation overturns destruction.
Truth replaces illusion.
Breathing again.
Heart settling.
Drumming comfortably.
Gratitude filling.
Body calming.
Replacing shadows with light.
Trusting that truth and honesty are trumps (in this world).
Drum is comforting,
New dreams to dream,
A new song to write.
And to find comfort in the body once again.
To bring about a hope for a truly fair and just world - an end to corruption, greed and people being taken advantage of for a quick buck!
May honesty be practiced in all facets.
May it dance in value again.
May all systems that encourage dishonesty crumble.
May truth rise again.
May truth rise again.
May truth rise again.
- Lee-Anne Peters
26 November 2020

Laying quietly...

Deadline looming...

Reducing pressure...
Quietly working,

Creating manageable chunks,
All else aside.
I can do the work,
I can meet the deadline.

I am doing the work,
I am meeting the deadline.

Time works with me,
I work with time.
Getting back into my flow,
Dropping the stress of overwhelm.

One gentle focused step at a time.

In the moment raw sharing allows the energy to keep moving.

To all who are feeling similar - hang in there, remember to listen to your body and get perspective by stepping back, or making a list.

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Into the depths my soul rides,
Out of the depths my soul flies.
Out of the dark,
I light my spark,
Turn it into a sun,
I'm a rising Dragon.
Lee-Anne Peters
13 August 2020

Holding my womb in tender LOVE,
Gently calming her pain.
Resting... yearning for deep sleep,
Warming myself within my eternal flame.

Quiet... not speaking a word,
Just held here in this silent moment.
In the blackened void beyond space and time,
Just breathing and being.

At peace within the void.
Lee-Anne Peters


Feeling slow rhythm.
Moving happily with it.
Cycle turning,
New day glowing,
Closed eyes,
Slowly breathing.
In my cave,
Silent and still,
Slowing the spin down,
Gently releasing.
In my body,
Feeling my physical system,
Anchoring truth,
Infused with light.
My inner fire burning.
The sound of distant bells.
I hear them,
But I choose not to follow,
For I am not inspired to go to them...
...they are not for me.
I can trust my inner intuition bell,
Instead of following outside's demands.
Tuning it out,
Tuning within.
It's here I can know myself,
It's here where I end and begin.
Lee-Anne Peters
6 July 2020.
The rains have passed,
The sky brightens...
Lighting and warming the way.
A new day has arrived,
A time to celebrate and acknowledge,
Our hard-working ancestors.
All who walked this earth before,
Now we walk it on behalf of them,
They are our cheerleaders.
Learning, growing and advancing,
Developing, improving and becoming,
With respect to our ancestors for helping plant the seeds.
Life is not here to waste,
It's here to support our learning and advancement,
To find harmony together.
And to live in cooperation with nature.
We are vast beings,
Trying to live our life.
Striving for balance,
Searching for peace,
... and enjoyment.
May you feel it on this day brave soul,
For you belong here,
And life is worth living / fighting for.
Lee-Anne Peters
25 June 2020

The darkest and deepest day of winter,
Damp, rainy and still.
Accessing deep sleepy places,
To ponder, observe and mill.

It's here in these deep places,
Where answers can be found,
Where untouched parts reside,
And where a deep hum sounds.

It's here, within this body cavern,
Where I want to find myself,
To understand and see,
All shadowy and hidden parts of me.

Deeply inward I go,
Accessing what I can,
Sleeping... still... slow,
Stretching my entire life span!

Happy solstice and solar eclipse day,
May it help you balance, access your inner light and dark, find yourself, inspire, align and satisfy.

Lee-Anne Peters
21 June 2020


Masculine Energy is strong for me,
Calling me to action,
Calling me into truth and full recognition with who I am.
He shows me my strength...
... my protection, and my ability to rise up and take action.
He is within my husband, my son and my father.
I see him in the fire and air...
... the sun and the blade.
... the mountains and homes.
He is the pyramid pointing upward.
He is the warmth of the daytime sun and the fire,
... the stretching upward and growing.
I humbly ask this Yang energy to hold me.
Strong arms.
Warrior Tone.
Thank you men, husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, friends and companions.
My heart felt appreciation for the role you play in my life and in the world.
Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
20 June 2020
Kundalini activated.
Serpents rise.
5:5 double serpent.
Activating spine.
Twins lift up from base.
Red serpents rising.
To initiate,
We must first pass the tests.
Tests of the physical,
- will we survive?
Tests of the emotional,
- can we let ourselves feel?
Tests of our power,
- do we have the courage we need?
Tests of the heart,
- how much LOVE will we let in?
Tests of truth,
- will we say how we feel?
Tests of trust,
- can we trust in ourselves?
Tests of connection,
- can we feel connected to all?
Twin serpents awaken and rise,
They lift through the body,
Turning on light switches within us.
We are ready to bring in more light.
We are ready to pass these tests and be activated.
Lee-Anne Peters
5 May 2020

Meaning so deep,
It sings to my soul,
It reaches inside,
And bursts out of the hole.

The hole at the back of my heart,
Damaged and torn.
Limb breaking free.
I surrender deeply to me.

I drop away and surrender,
From my Grandfather tree.
A limb resting on the ground,
A whole sky to see.

I rest and relax,
Detached from the tree.
Then something sparks awake inside,
I realise more about me.

My life is full of growing limbs,
My children... My creations... All that has ever birthed out of me.
It's a dance of growth and detachment,
As all of these 'offspring' become their own seed.

Each limb, every offspring,
Is of their own.
... The new sapling,
Who sings it's own song.

No tree is the same,
No creation either.
For each are born,
With a unique master.

The master is that of our own heart,
The uniqueness of our voice,
The presence we command,
And the power of our choice.

We are who we Are,
Let's wear our scars with pride,
Let's go out on a 'limb',
Let's break away from the conforming stride.

We have what we need,
Buried inside.
Gems of creation.
Waiting to be birthed on our earth ride.

A message to myself:
Grow sweet sapling,
Break your limb free,
A whole world awaits...
... for you to live your dream.
Lee-Anne Peters
25 April 2020

Something deeply shifts...
It moves and rattles inside...
It's brewing and stirring just underneath...
Just out of view...
Just out of sight...
On the tip of the tongue...
In the stillness of the night...

Lee-Anne Peters
10 April 2020


I weep for the old world,
The smiling faces,
The memories,
The good times.

I gently lay the old world to rest.
That 'way of life' fades away,
It's past,
It's gone,
It's complete,
It's over.

A heavy heart,
A distant LOVE,
I weep for what was.

Reality hits,
For now, all that can be done is to survive.

Old faces - like threads linking back to the old world.
All is upside down,
A global mourning,
A global purging.

I cry my tears,
I feel the loss,
I let the old world fade from view,
I hold the memories in my heart.

Goodbye to my old way of life,
I loved you,
I created you,
I experienced you.

This is not the end of all things,
Only the line is drawn,
There is no turning back,
There is no redraw.

Cry the tears,
Weep for what was,
The world has changed,
We all feel the loss.

But one day again, the new dawn will rise,
A new world will be born,
Our children will dance again,
We can grow our sweet corn.

Before we can begin again,
We must say goodbye,
To the past we have well known,
So let's bake that farewell pie.

Thank you old world,
I loved you and now let you be at rest.

Laying my old world to rest,
As we hold hands together and let our old world go.
Standing by your side,
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
24 March 2020


Survival mode has hit,
It punched me in the belly.
I was falling asleep for the night,
When my body turned to jelly.

My legs are tingling,
Fear circles around,
My head begins to turn and clog,
With thoughts that take me off the ground.

I rise from my bed, I stretch and yawn,
It's time to take prompt action.
It is up to me to calm me down,
To cease all of my fear-based reactions.

I take my phone - munch on some fruit,
And start to write this poem,
I want to express - to get it all out,
To stop worrying of my family who are on their own.

I remind myself to take my time,
To calm my anxious thoughts.
This time will pass - there is no doubt,
I must ride the waves I've caught.

Riding, ducking, weaving, surfing,
I'll do whatever it takes,
To stay on board my deepening wave,
No matter what shape these waves may make.

By expressing how I suddenly feel,
In this candid and raw little ditty,
Has allowed my body to calm right down,
And my mind to stop it's tizzy.

It's up to us to help ourselves,
But to also help each other.
We have the advantage of being online,
To reach out to one another.

Our home and family call us now,
To create a healing sanctuary.
Let's keep our feet on the ground,
And move through our moments gratefully.

Holding hands distantly now,
We can imagine our solid connection.
And remember that, when we look back,
This will be a pivotal time of new direction.

So please remember that you're not alone,
Hold your loved ones close in your heart.
We will get through this, there is no doubt,
This will turn into our brand new start.

Stay strong. Be well. Remain true.
Riding the waves with you.
All my LOVE,
- Lee-Anne Peters
18 March 2020


Contented sigh,
Happy heart.
Clear head,
A brand new start.

Harvested my peppers, almonds and apples,
Created trees, teapots and change.
I'm holding the reins,
I've escaped from the cage.

My creative juices soar,
Focus is strong.
Plodding along at my steady pace,
Feeling again like I belong.

Sun sets,
As day moves to night.
Moon rises,
My feet on terra firma - my heart at lunar height.

It's good to be back,
In my unique skin.
After a horrid spell,
I didn't know how to begin.

I had to make time,
To let go of what happened.
To find my peace,
And to surrender external chatter.

My feet are going in a positive direction,
I'm leaving my print.
My unique step,
I will not cover it and shrink.

I walk past the snickering,
I move into new ground.
I hold my heart high,
I am no longer bound.

- Lee-Anne Peters
10 March 2020

Clearing, sorting, inspired.
Music loud,
Open heart,
Focused mind.
I'm ready to clear the clutter,
.. in my home, mind, heart and life.
I need to make the room,
To welcome in the new.
To find the clarity,
Feel my energy soar,
To boost my confidence,
And create my next creations...
... the new creations I sense on the horizon.
It is time...
To seize this moment...
... the opportunities and possibilities are endless within the fertile ground of my being.
No more looking back,
Just clearing the old,
To create space for what's next.
Will you come on this clearing too?
- Lee-Anne Peters
22 Feb 2020
Find a theme.
Find a voice.

...Find MY language.
Find my theme.
Find my voice.

It's there,
Within me somewhere.
Waiting and wanting to be found.

I'll find it when I'm not searching,
It will 'show up' when I least expect,
I know it will fly into my consciousness at the perfect moment.

In the meantime...
I dream,
I develop my skills,
I ready myself.

Soon, just around the corner,
All will be revealed...
- Lee-Anne Peters
4 Feb 2020
The clock ticks forward,
Life is on the move.
Moving outside my comfort zone,
Creating a new life groove.

My stomach twists and turns,
At the thought of these new things.
My child leaving - NEW music to play,
A different song to sing.

One thing I could control,
And choose to say 'no'.
My mind says 'I don't know',
But then it says 'yes go!'

Another thing is beyond my skill set,
I am in out of my depth.
So instead of running,
I am on a short trial test.

The next New thing all parents face in the end,
Is when our baby leaves our nest.
We help prepare - set them up,
And hope they pass the test.

I lay here now at midnight's call,
Considering all that's New.
My head spins round - my stomach turns,
I have to trust in all that's true.

The unknown calls - it's landed here,
The waves come crashing through.
On my board I surf the waves,
Petrified about what to do.

There's nothing to do but follow the flow,
And trust in one step at a time.
I don't need to be in control,
But trust in this little rhyme.

I don't need to be scared,
Of how things may be.
I'll take each day as it comes,
And it's here I'll see....

The practice to take,
The action to make.
What not to do,
And what not to glue.

For time changes,
Nothing stays the same.
It's not my role,
To stop things from change.

Lee-Anne Peters
30 Jan 2020


Hurt. Alert.

Feeling misunderstood.

What am I misunderstanding about myself?

What am I not expressing clearly enough?

Raven, great shadow messenger,

Fly forth and take me into my shadows,

Guide me into myself,

I am ready to be confronted,

Because all I want to see is the truth.

There is nothing I need to prove,

I just want to follow my passions,

I want to maintain my Temple,

And do this as deeply as I can.

Into my journal,

Into my shadows,

Into myself I journey.

I hear you Raven...

I LISTEN and am prepared to allow who I used to be to fall away - to die.



Lee-Anne Peters
22 Jan 2020
We CAN rise up from this - because we are taking steps to do so....

We CAN trust in the bigger picture - because it gives us perspective....

We CAN trust in the facts as they're presented - instead of assuming the worst....

We CAN improve this world - by improving ourselves and our relationship with it (others, life etc)...

We CAN get through this - because we have before....

We CAN live our truth - by getting to know ourselves without becoming self absorbent....

We CAN live with peace - when we stop getting into other people's business...

We CAN feel motivated - by giving ourselves something to look forward to and feel inspired by...

We CAN be a better person - when we take responsibility for the roles that we play in our life (as parent, grandparent etc)...

We CAN find harmony in our life - if we can work together with others...

... what also CAN we do and why?
Lee-Anne Peters
9 Jan 2020
The possibilities.... the potentials for growth in this moment are high.

If only we are willing to see past our masks, issues, fixations and fear to notice them.




 Lee-Anne Peters
27 Dec 2019

If I need to realign, then that suggests an 'out of alignment' space.

So, I need to personally explore WHAT and WHERE I feel out of alignment with my voice... but it's not just my voice... it's also connected with my words, sound, silence, 'gaps of thought in sentences', 'forgetting things', expression, musical expression, artistic expression, truth and my physical throat and lungs.

All are connected and all pose complications / issues / resistances for me at present.

My throat cave - this cave I've retreated to - especially since yesterday for healing - now feels like a prison I am trapped in.

This is a good sign - to have a shift in my perception of how my throat feels - because it is shows I am moving through the energy.

But yes - in brutal honesty with myself I feel trapped in my throat.

My next stage of exploration of this is to pull out my Healing Energy Cards and do myself a 'resolution spread' - link: https://www.templeofbalance.com.au/blogs/news/healing-energy-cards-resolution-spread

I'm looking for insight, perspective and a breakthrough which will unlock this energy and realign me with the power of my voice.

I will NOT find this from anyone else other than me. And I will feel the power of the breakthrough within my body, heart and mind.

.... hanging about in the prison of my throat - waiting, being, feeling, listening, humming, singing, breathing, opening.
 Lee-Anne Peters
27 Dec 2019
Alive, alert, attentive.

Quiet, still, listening.

No words - many words.

Words and my voice are my biggest challenge at present.

Something is stirring.

Something is shifting.

It stirs deep in my throat,

I've been rejecting my words,

Creating distance between me and my voice.

I'm judging what I am saying.

I notice that my words are my current weakness.

Best thing to do is be silent, to not speak, to not express.

Confidence in what I have to say plummets.

Uncertainty follows.

Throat area hollowed out and blackened.

Just listen....

Breathing deeply,


I move into deep healing around my throat,

Feeling all the feelings within it's cloak.

Suppressing my words will not do,

So I must take steps to face and heal the underlying issue.

I pull out my healing tools,

Give myself the time, attention and energy required for healing.

Into the dark cave of my throat I go,

To listen, connect, converse and become friends with my words and voice again.



 Lee-Anne Peters
26 Dec 2019
Let's ask the questions, do the research, find the meaning, engage in the conversations... all to find, discover, remember and uncover our truth - in other words - the depth and meaning of who we are.

Let's allow ourselves to be inspired - to feel joy - to be the best person we can be.

.. and not just the 'best' person in public... in fact it is more substantial to BE the best person we can be in private - in those quiet moments we spend with ourselves.

To strive to better ourselves - is a good thing.

To find more meaning in our life - is a good thing.

To uncover our truth - is a good thing.

To face our uncomfortable aspects - is a good thing.


we are ready to GROW - to RISE UP, for we have established strong roots, and it's these roots which support the growing branches as we stretch upward - growing, rising, becoming...

Truth gives us depth... which in turn supports our rising.

Let's open our inner doors and find it... it's there, and we will know when we tap into it because it will INSPIRE us.
Lee-Anne Peters
17 Dec 2019
Ideas swirling.
Worrying mind on vacation.
Body recovering.
Blood flows.
Moon glows.
Slow breaths.
Our healing journey doesn't always have to be a painful, intense and dramatic time. Within it can be beautiful moments... let's give ourselves permission to savour these.
 Lee-Anne Peters
9 Dec 2019
Paddling in my canoe,
In the wide open ocean.
Trying to get somewhere,
Against the wind.
Wind picks up.
Gusts are relentless.
Ocean is endless.
Which way do I go now?

Agitation turns into optimism...
... perhaps I can work with the wind.
It is not enemy number one.
No, it's my messenger,
My movement.
My guiding force.
I actually can do this.
I am learning what to do.

Surrender it.
STOP it.
Combine it.
Love it.
Enjoy it.
Practice it.
Ease into it.
No rush.
No pressure.
Just flow.
Drop into the night.
Listen to the wind.
Find comfort in it's presence.

I turn my canoe around,
Paddling with the tail wind.

I'm travelling to the shores of my new land.
Learning how to get there.
Making mistakes,
... Learning from them.

I am the moon.
I am the earth.
I am the water.
I am the tree roots.
I am the sorceress.
Sailing in the wide open ocean.
In the vehicle of my humble canoe.
With the support of the wind.
The comfort of my breath.
In the sacredness of my heart. 🔺🔻
- Lee-Anne Peters
6 Dec 2019

More wind.
Relentless wind.
High winds.
Windy for months.
Air. Wind. Mind. Movement.
Powerful healing.
Divided focus.
... All linked together.
No separation.
It's not this and that.
... it's just the movement of life.
Agitated = shaken up.
Agitated = being activated.
Agitated = to be fired up.
Up and down.
Sleep come find me.
Mind, wind, pressure - just chill - surrender - relax.
... hitting the stop button.
Surrender vision.
Surrender divide.
Surrender agitation.
Surrender the ride.
Surrender doubt.
Just surrender.
I surrender.
I am the moon.
I am the earth.
I am the water.
I am the tree roots.
I am the sorceress.
Who I am is my power.
My power is who I am.
Surrender to it.
I can do this.
This is mine to do.
- Lee-Anne Peters
6 Dec 2019
Heavy, but light.

Awake, yet sleepy.

Alchemist in her cave.

Brewing, creating, concocting.




Making progress.

Busy. Hectic. Focused.

Body aches.

Nine months compacted into a few days.

Brakes on.

Morning meditation.

Sunday slower pace.

Trust and patience.

There is no rush.

Things can wait if required.

Remaining in the flow.

I am moon.

I am sorceress.

I am the tree roots.

I am Earth and Water.

I know who I am.
Lee-Anne Peters
24 Nov 2019
In the dark.
Power out.
Moon is in dark phase.
I relinquish my old power.
It served me well.
Not needed now.
I sleep, rest, recoup, reflect.
My time is emerging.
The power within me is stirring.
I am the moon.
I am the sorceress.
I am the roots of the tree.
I am earth and water.
My power is who I am.
- Lee-Anne Peters
21 Nov 2019

Solid ground.
Working hands.
Trial and error.
Bright new day.
Moon shines brightly.
Sun beams strongly.
Heart at peace.
In practical, testing zone.
Alchemy warming up.
Turning muddy earth (clay) into ceramics (glass).
Support envelops me.
Universe in pure synch.
Focused on the creation.
Learning as I go.
Great tools to help.
I'm even more in my flow.
I am the moon.
I am the sorceress.
I am the tree roots.
I am earth with water.
I am my power.
- Lee-Anne Peters
22 Nov 2019

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