Temple of Balance Started Here...

In early 2005 Lee-Anne set up the internet at her family home in Tasmania. During that phone call with the internet service provider she was asked "what would you like your email username to be?" - and figuring that everyone back then used some version of their name Lee-Anne wanted something different, something to reflect who she is. Choosing an email username now is no where near as exclusive as it was back then!

So, the customer service representative asked Lee-Anne what she was 'into', and after tossing some ideas back and forward Lee-Anne settled with the words - Temple of Balance. At the time she was discovering a lot about Balance and what it meant to her. The 'Temple' was significant because spirit had been telling Lee-Anne psychically that soon she would 'be' in her Temple again.

So as easy and as unprepared as that - Temple of Balance - took its first birthing into the physical.

From email to eBay!

Lee-Anne felt great about - Temple of Balance - and soon set up an eBay store and began to sell her artwork, distant healing and distant reading services there. In the mid 2000's eBay was hot and within a few short months Lee-Anne's store began to get very active. Some of the people she connected with then still follow her work today.

Expansion from eBay...

As eBay began to raise their prices and with a steady following, Lee-Anne set up her first website and online ning community. Here she continued to grow and fine tune her services. In 2007 she recorded and released her first meditation CD. All that time - all Lee-Anne wanted to do was genuinely help people and see them happy. She was so busy with services that she knew is there was a tool that could be created where people could help themselves then that would be even better. Lee-Anne had been working a lot with her healing art the few years before and noticed many people responding in a very healing and positive way to them - so she collated what she had into the first 32 x cards in the Healing Energy Cards in 2008. The results began to flow in...

- Lee-Anne hand sorting the first of her Healing Energy Cards in mid 2008 -

Lee-Anne's personal life transformed...

During 2008 Lee-Anne went through quite a few challenges in her personal life, and by the end of the year ended a 15yr relationship. With this decision her Twin Flame, her Spiritual Counterpart entered her life. A door closed and very quickly a new door opened. Now she shares her life with Cory, and her two children from her previous marriage on her home island of Tasmania, Australia.


- Lee-Anne and Cory, with Lee-Anne's children, December 2014 -

Temple of Balance kicks up a gear!

With Lee-Anne and Cory's heart connection extremely strong, Temple of Balance was lifted up a gear! With Cory's technical knowledge mixed with Lee-Anne's creativity created a lovely driving force and Lee-Anne wrote and released her first book, and further card decks. Lee-Anne continued to write, create, organise and host events across Australia and do everything which inspired her to help others find and live in their Balance - with Cory supporting her vision one hundred percent.

To do that Lee-Anne discovered very early in her life that she would need to be a living and breathing example of the Temple of Balance which she 'promoted'. She felt it would be completely unethical to speak it, but not do it! Lee-Anne worked tirelessly on herself during a big self healing time in early 2000's and still continues fine tuning herself (based on her opinion) every day.

She always encourages people to find their own balance. This includes noticing what knocks them off balance too and then making an adjustment to re-balance again. Lee-Anne empowers people to follow their interests, passions and hobbies if possible and to discover a sense of LOVE for life on a daily basis.

- Lee-Anne continuing to discover a new sense of LOVE for life through her actions, choices, scruples and self acceptance -

Social Media Explosion!

In 2009 Lee-Anne took Temple of Balance to Facebook, and at the time was one of only a very few (compared to today) Facebook pages. Her ongoing dedication and inspiration on that page has her page soaring well over 650,000 followers today. She happily boasts that she has not paid any money on advertising and the pages growth is completely organic.


Lee-Anne continues to personally grow and expand, which in turn expands Temple of Balance. She describes it as a way of life, not something she seeks, but something she experiences and adjusts for regularly in her heart, mind and home.

Over the past few years Lee-Anne has been learning new ways of creating and finds much joy in drawing, sculpting, singing and gardening.

Lee-Anne is also presenting at events across Australia, and Cory is joining her in hosting live-in Healing Retreats in Tasmania.

- Lee-Anne & Cory enjoy living on the island of Tasmania -

What's next?

Lee-Anne is unsure of what is next. She used to have big dreams to build an actual Temple of Balance where people could come and meditate, heal and connect - however her dream changed in 2014. She realised that to do this would bring people out and away from their everyday life - and Lee-Anne felt this may be counterproductive to her intention which is to help people LIVE BALANCE everyday. So instead she sees what she creates and commits to everyday is in what she terms - the Master Temple - and from there she creates tools, holds intentions and lives the Balance she encourages. This inspires others to find and live in their 'Temple of Balance' as best as they can every day.

Lee-Anne used to be a big dreamer - setting goals, however she has happily stepped back from that constant pressure and drive, and instead finds comfort, contentment and gratitude in feeling for what's next. Whenever something becomes stale or stagnant in her life she will reassess and do what is needed to reignite or welcome in something new. She constantly feels her way forward, trusting in what she senses and approaches everything from her heart and truth.

Temple of Balance in Atlantis!

As Lee-Anne wrote her book - Atlantis: A Return Home - in 2013 more of the Temple of Balance history, ancientness and bigger picture was revealed. Without spilling all the beans - please read the book to experience it - Lee-Anne has vivid memories of being a Healing Priestess in Atlantis before it fell. She was that priestess in a Temple translated to these days as - Temple of Balance. She vowed when she sealed the energy off in the Temple right before the end that she would rebirth Temple of Balance again one day.

She held it's essence for eons in her heart and mostly forgotten memory. Now Lee-Anne lives within her own Temple of Balance - living it, breathing it and being it!

- Lee-Anne & Cory -

Temple of Balance continues...

How will you create your own Temple of Balance?

How will you live it?

How will you be it?