Healing Energy Cards - Intimacy Spread

I have been exploring 'intimacy' as my theme for February 2019 see HERE - and this led me into creating this personal and healing spread especially focused around intimacy.

This may be something to visit when you are exploring intimacy in your life, in your own way, and how to get a broader, clearer and deeper understanding of how it is for you.

During my 'intimacy' theme month I intend on revisiting this spread at least once a week to see how things are shifting and evolving for me on this topic.

I trust you find this helpful.


Purpose - to help us understand our current thoughts / issues around intimacy and how to improve this area of our life

Deck - Healing Energy Cards

Amount of cards - 4

When to do it - when we feel blocked sexually, intimately or in our relationship of any kind - including our relationship with ourselves.

How often should I do it - regularly. You may like to do this spread as often as daily. It won't hurt, because it is a current status spread and can shift with our moods and energies.

Method -

1. Shuffle your Healing Energy Cards in preparation to begin. Have your journal nearby.

2. As you shuffle look at the positions and what that area of the spread relates to (refer to the image below). Look at and think about position 1, then 2 and so on until you get to 4. Know clearly in your own mind what you are doing and what each position in the spread represents.

3. When you feel ready finish shuffling and prepare to pull the cards the way you usually do. If you don't have a 'usual' way then split the deck into two and place the pile from the bottom onto the top. The cards should remain face down. Now you have a pile of cards in front of you.

4. Refer to the image above for your spread, and keeping them face down, take the first card from the top of the deck and place it at position 1. Then the second card into position 2, and so on until you get to card 4 and position 4. Place the rest of the card deck to the side.

5. Now start at position 1 and turn that card over. As you connect with the card itself, think of it in relation to the position it's in- it will be focused on the CURRENT status of intimacy for you. This may be somehow connected with others who you might be feeling blocked with - but please remember that this whole spread relates and points back to you. The card in this particular position may surprise you and will likely reveal the truth and an alternative perspective to your current status of intimacy - Write your findings in your journal.

6. Move to position 2 when you're ready and turn that card over. Study the card and trust your intuition as you perceive its message for you. Then look at it in regards to it's position and relationship to what's BLOCKING intimacy for you. This will be closely connected to this now moment. Expand your viewpoint and look at the bigger picture. Make note of what is revealed to you.

7. Turn your attention to position 3 and flip over that card. What is the card and what is its message for you today? Think of it in regards to your NEEDS and what you want from intimacy. It will be important to be honest with yourself as you see what you really want. Grab your journal and write down what you discover.

8. When you're done turn the card over at position 4. Again study the card and trust your intuition with it. This position in the spread will offer some insight into what's NEXT and how to proceed feeling more intimacy. This will likely be your 'call to action' - what you can do, take action with or be proactive about to get things back into harmony or take intimacy deeper for yourself. Make notes of what feels important to you about this section.

9. When you've done studying the cards and working out their message in relation to their position in the spread, collect the cards and place them on top of the rest of the deck. Shuffle them and then put your deck away until next time. Alternatively you can keep those cards close by you for a while to become familiar with their energy and message for you.

TIP - If a card comes up in a position that you'd appreciate more information about, grab the remaining bulk of your card deck and shuffle - holding the intention for 3 x cards for more in sight into that. Pick the cards the way you usually do and sit with the added information from the cards you selected. - added 4 Feb

Thank you for connecting. I trust you find this spread useful on your self-healing journey, and in understanding yourself and your relationships more intimately.

Have fun, continue to trust your intuition and take responsibility for how you feel. How you feel is valid and important - however you don't need to make a feeling bigger than it needs to be - instead perhaps see if you can feel the fullness of what you feel closely with yourself and let it morph into the next feeling. It journal writing, spreads like this and your own self-honesty which can help you do this.

If you'd like to learn more about my Healing Energy Cards, please take a look HERE

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