Thanks for visiting this page. Here I have done my best to describe something which in many cases is indescribable. I welcome any questions, feedback or thoughts. Please remember, what I share here is from my experience and my point of view at the time of sharing it. It doesn't mean I think this is the way it is for everyone, or the way I will feel about it forever.

Some of the information I share in writing here is also covered in the supporting video, I've done this to create different perspectives of the information. Having said that there are also things I talk about in the video which are not in written form.


I have been actively / daily self-healing for close to twenty years now, and an important part of this journey is working with my subtle energy, the chakra system and being aware of what's going on within me. I've also been working with others and empowering them to shift and sort out their energy for over twelve years full time. I am the type of person who feels something and tries it out - I don't follow rules, structures or systems to decide what I will do in life or with my healing work. Instead I have learned to trust my intuition, how I feel and work out ways to turn challenges into opportunities. My self-healing has become my way of life and I do it to help me be the best person I can be - from my perspective.


The human body that we see in the mirror is just a tiny fraction of our whole system. I see this system as frequency or vibration which is more expanded than I can even fathom. This system is very much alive, and I feel lives on long after our physical body ceases.

I feel that we are very fortunate to be able to work and function in this physical form to experience this earthy journey - it's like a vehicle.

The first layer of our aura, and mirroring our physical body is the etheric body - this mirrors our human body but on a non-physical plane of reality. In this etheric body resides our seven major chakras. These run in alignment with our spine and head, and work with certain glands in our endocrine system.


To work more closely with, or to learn more about these chakras - which I find are vital in understand and working with the kundalini, please see my chakra series of podcasts and videos HERE


The Kundalini is the force of energy which moves up through the seven major chakra system.

Usually, this Kundalini energy lays dormant - like a snake coiled up asleep in our base chakra. It sleeps and waits until we've shifted, released and understood certain things we are going through in life. Once we've let go, learned the lessons and challenged ourselves to break free of our limitations - our Kundalini energy stirs - it wakens.

This seems to be happening more frequently than ever before. In 2012, we may have experienced one Kundalini surge / awakening that whole year. Now, in mid 2017 we've already experienced four or five surges.

Of course this depends on how fast or slow, or how active or passive you are with your self-healing, self-exploration and recognising lessons learned and gained in your life. If you tend to procrastinate, or dwell on the past, then you may not feel this so often. Also, if you are sensitive to yourself and how you feel, you may feel it happening more acutely, than someone who doesn't. These are not judgements, just things that I've noticed.

So, just to recap - the Kundalini is an energy force which surges up through the spine and chakra system when it awakens. Like a snake, it pushes up through the body raising the energy frequency for that person as it goes.

Sometimes this surge brings with it initiation-like tests. These will likely play out in your life to ensure you REALLY have learned the lessons recently learned.

I've found that kundalini surges last, in general, from two weeks to three months.



Often the awakening of kundalini is felt very physically in our body, emotionally and mentally. Some days all we can do is sleep, and other days we are active and motivated. This is another reason why it is so important to collect and gather your own healing tools - things which support you, which feel right to you and which can help you.

Everyone's healing 'toolkit' will look different. Here are some ideas of things you can use to support your kundalini awakening:

- Work with energetic tools, like: Healing Energy Cards, crystals, essences etc

- Work with sound / musical instruments, like: shamanic drum, rattle, bells, bowls, chimes, music in general etc

- Actively write in your journal to help you understand what you are going through, express how you feel and explore your thoughts and feelings.

- Nurture yourself - physically, emotionally and mentally.

- Turn any outward / external focus of blame, s/he did this or that, searching, questing or giving personal power away - INWARD.

- Think kindly towards yourself and go gently in heavy and challenging moments.

- Be honest about how you feel to yourself and others.

- Drink lots of water and listen to your body.

- Be willing to let go and release issues which arise from the surge - they are testing you to see if you're really ready for the next step / level in your life.

- Anything else which supports and nourishes you...


I see that we, as individuals are lightening our physical body. Which means it is becoming higher vibrational, or it is welcoming in more light. Our organic matter is being replaced with light. It happens in layers, surges and at times when we are ready - as we journey up through the vibrations one key on the piano at a time.

If our densest form - our physical body from say 20 years ago was the lowest sound / key on the piano, every time we have an awakening surge - a surge in the kundalini - we move up to the next key on the piano.

The more of us, as individuals, who do this, the more we are raising the vibration of the collective. To be able to live in a new reality on earth - above the greed, corruption and fear - is to raise our energy vibration.

This will always be a personal thing - as we get to know ourselves more intimately and subtly, as we release our past baggage, our insecurities and fear. And as we choose to reside from a loving, self responsible and honest perspective all helps us become more expanded and light versions of ourselves.


Thank you for connecting, I trust this has been helpful information for you. As questions or new understandings come in, I will update this blog.

Please browse my website for various tools which can help support your healing and awakening journey.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • What u just explained happened to me. I feared it, I felt violated by the practitioner that assisted me in cleansing my chakras , I’ve just realised that my kundalini was awakened , I felt the serpent I feared it I shut down for the last 15 years . What should I do now. Thanks Lee Anne

    Anna Phillips

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