Message for July - sent with LOVE

Welcome to July,

I trust this message finds you well and you feel some support from receiving and reading it.


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June has been a dramatic month of big events, supersonic speed and deep healing. Some of us have worked closely with the energy of the Dragon - a representation of a rise in our personal power and courage. The Dragon has been the guardian of our personal power, and in June many of us have been able to access this in newly clarified ways. We’ve faced many a challenge this month however we’ve also shown great tenacity, resilience and patience to move through any challenges that came up. This was a great month to highlight our patience, creativity and healing.


I have laid out some cards for July - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of July we’re likely to feel inspired to put things into order - especially paperwork - and tie up any loose ends which may be hanging. It is a great time to focus, grow and hold our position of determination productively.

The second week of this month brings highlights to our special bonds and connections we have with others. These are the healthy and loving connections - not the unhealthy attachments. This week highlights great support from any time we may spend in nature. It will be a great time to integrate recent changes and to find the moments to calm down and relax.

The third week of July may be a little heavier than it has been lately, as we’re being encouraged to focus on one day at a time and do our best not to ‘dig up’ the unnecessary / unimportant details. Let’s keep going - although we may feel a little disorientated or disconnected from our path this week. If this is the case, we can remind ourselves that we ARE on track and to keep going.

The last week of July shows are deep sensitivity and touching moments of connection. It is safe for us to be attentive to our emotions. This week some of us may find that we have the resources we need to learn, study, lead, teach or take a part of our life, hobby or employment to the next level.

Our theme energy for July is focused around taking action and making our move. There may be moments of deep fear rising, however we’re being encouraged to counteract that with courage. Courage can be strong, even if we feel scared. Let’s stand our ground, be assertive when needed and take action when required.

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Coming up: my next Online Art Class will likely happen on the 3rd  of July. Details and registrations are open (but soon to close), please see link below. No art experience is necessary, and this time we will be creating a piece of artwork around ‘illusion’ (opposite of truth). Only four more classes to go (incl this). Online Art classes focused around the recreation of some Healing Energy Cards will cease at the end of August. Please take action soon if you’d like to take part in this opportunity.


Speed of Light Oracle Cards have opened for pre orders. The first edition sold out at the end of 2020, and currently the 2nd edition is being printed. Estimated arrival, and online launch event will be in August (maybe Sept, depending on world situation). Please see the link below.


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Ceramic Update: I have recently finished my Dragon-themed make, and you can find some great Dragon inspired pieces on my ceramics site below.


New Healing Energy Cards update: Progress on these is going wonderfully. There are only 7 x more upgraded artworks to do for the original deck and plenty of time to focus on these. I have been using the card templates a lot already and am making tweaks to them daily - to ensure their accuracy, simplicity and uniqueness.


Thank you to all Patrons and Pillar of Light Members for your ongoing support.

I trust July is a wonderful, healthy and abundance time for you and your family.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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