Healing Energy Cards - About & GOALS for project completion!

I am in the process of refining and overhauling my popular Healing Energy Cards (original deck) and am creating a new deck of Healing Energy Cards 2 (stand alone expansion).

During 2019 I worked on completing all illustrations for the Healing Energy Cards 2 - a brand new deck - a stand alone expansion of the original first deck. This 2nd deck will have cards 56-110. While the original deck, that I am currently overhauling, contains cards 1-55. Both decks will be sold separately, and can be combined if desired.

If you have questions about these decks, the categories, plan etc... I have created a reference video covering these sorts of things. Please see below.

This article is my plan now for completion of these decks. It is a long, time consuming project, doubled (as I'm working on two). I will update this timeline as things are completed or change.



By the end of August 2021 for Healing Energy Cards original deck:

  • On 28 Aug 2021 - this personal deadline is COMPLETE.

By the 1st Sept 2021 until 1st Feb 2022 - intensive testing mode:

  • All cards, from both decks, will have their template printed for my use only. These will be used heavily to test their: accuracy, uniqueness, clarity and suitability. All adjustments required will be made.
  • this personal deadline is almost COMPLETE. Next mode below has also begun...

By the 1st of Feb 2022 until 28 Feb 2022 - digital files:

  • All files for cards and boxes to prepare and finalise for printing.

By the 1st March 2022 - printing:

  • both decks ready for printing.

Sometime thereafter - decks printed and ready.

Current update - 15 Aug 2022 - waiting on available finances to be able to proceed with printing.

Pre orders will open once I have confirmation from my printer that both card decks are being printed and an ETA of completion and shipping.

*note: all of this is a guide for me personally, and is subject to change if there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Last update: 15 Aug 2022


ONLINE ART CLASSES SCHEDULE - via zoom - no art experience necessary - dates and cards for illustrating:

  • Complete.

*note: all of this is a guide for me personally, and is subject to change if there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Online Art Classes focused on this project completed on the 28th of August 2021.


Thank you for connecting.

Any changes or updates will be made as required. I'm looking forward to bringing these decks into form so we can use them to support our self healing and growth.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Hello Lee Anne.
    Thankyou for all you do ♡

    I’d love to be on the waiting list for the healing energy cards, they’ve helped me alot when connecting to self and clients.

    Thankyou kindly
    With love

    Lea Rae Wightman
  • Lee – Anne,
    I’m interested to pre order both decks. I have one of your beautiful decks of cards and use them all the time.
    How much is the cost of each deck?
    Kindest Regards,
    Karen Lee Gifford.

    Karen Gifford

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