Message for August - sent with LOVE

Happy August my friends!

I trust this message finds you well and you feel some support from receiving and reading it.


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July has been, like all months in recent years - jam-packed! For some of us it has been quite a personally rewarding month with action happening, green lights turning on and the next step revealing itself. We’ve had to change things up so we - or things we are passionate about, don’t ‘fade away’. In most cases this required us to shift our perspective and deal with this ‘fade’ from a ‘creative thinking’ proactive standpoint - this has already begun moving energy in a good direction. Holding balanced within the chaos has been extra challenging for a lot of us as some face more Covid restrictions, disruption or just the plain old fear push from society. We’ve had to rise above, balance ourselves and not allow ourselves to be pulled into the chaos too much.


I have laid out some cards for August - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of August we may feel the need to reduce the pressure we are under. Let’s stay organized, create a doable plan or ask for help if needed. New energy continues to enter into our body and space, and this will likely be a great week to get some things down onto paper.

The second week of August reminds us to be patient, persistent, cooperate and work with the energy, and especially with the needs and requirements of any ‘groups’ we may be a part of. The social energy is strong this week - interacting - in person or distantly with others is favourable, but perhaps also required.

During the third week of this month there is ‘peak’ of goodness potentially rolling through. Some of us will be experiencing positive changes in our home and there will likely be a stronger and clearer sense of purpose arising. We are ready to advance ourselves and move through the gates of initiation and to the next level.

The last week of August feels a little more withdrawn than any other week this month. We may need to be on guard or protective of our space, ideas or energy this week. Our fear may arise and we’re being encouraged to face them as honestly as we can - giving rise to our courage to push through any resistance to change, or, doubts we may have moving forward.

The theme energy for August highlights gatherings, meetings and being around other people. We are preparing to step further into our role as a leader in our life - leading the way for ourselves. There is opportunity this month to clear our private issues and avoid going back to them. Our outer insecure shell is breaking down. There is no need to continue holding back.

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After ten focused online art classes on my Healing Energy Cards refinement project, we are now looking towards our eleventh and final for this project. As those who attend know, these online art classes are more than just drawing a picture. They are full of great conversation, support, thought about the topic and how to express / create it. If you have been thinking about attending any of these classes, but didn’t make it, then I encourage you sincerely and deeply from my heart to see if you can make this final one. We will be re-illustrating card 44: Heaven on Earth. Details to register are below.


My reprinted Speed of Light Oracle Cards have just left our printer and are on their way here. The Online Deck Launch date for this deck has been set for Wed 1st Sept, and Special Edition Packages - pre orders - will only be available up until this day. Please see the link below.


Last month I started our brand new 2021 Chakra Series. I don’t know how many of these I’ve done over the years, but I am pretty sure they started in 2011 and have been shared approximately every two years. This month - on every second Friday, we will be covering the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. If you would LOVE to understand these energy centres in a new and deeper way, please become a Pillar of Light Member or A USD10+ Patreon to access. These will be released publicly in the New Year.


My next Ceramics Online Shop Drop will take place this Tues 3rd Aug at noon - Sydney time. Within this drop will be new smudge bowls, dishes, garden accessories, animal sculptures etc. See link below.


My new and refined Healing Energy Cards (original deck, and the new stand alone expansion) are going really well. There are only three more illustrations to refine and then, in early Sept I will start a six month intensive testing time - to prepare these cards for printing. Estimated release is mid 2022.


Thank you all for your support, for pre ordering my Speed of Light Oracle Cards, for being a POL member, Patreon member and for purchasing through my website. I appreciate you all immensely.

Happy New Month!

Stay safe, well and true.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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