Message for April - sent with LOVE

Happy April 😊

I trust this message finds you well and in reasonably good flow, and if it doesn’t then I trust you find this helpful and supportive to perhaps help get you there!

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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March was a very busy and intensive month for many of us. For some, we aligned further with who we are with a renewed and healthy sense of confidence. We’ve had to be really careful not to allow self-obsession to enter in lately as opportunities to stroke ego, get attention and be attention seeking have been quite loud. During March many of us continued with the trend of closing doors and opening doors. Some things we ended – and perhaps before they even begun, and other exciting things have been started. New ideas have been flowing in for the very long term – with a year or longer lead in and preparation / saving for something important to us and our future.


I have laid out some cards for April - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of April there are strong new energies that are encouraging us to consider taking a risk and following our heart. A new, or renewed phase of our journey opens up and it is likely that we have good support to help us do this.

The support continues for the second week of April as we look closely at our boundaries in areas of our life that require it. This is potentially a great week to be productive and work together with others.

The third week of April brings focus and upliftment. If we can hold our focus, avoid distractions and give the time and attention to what is of the highest priority at the time, then this will likely motivate us quite well.

The final week of April brings further reinforcement of our boundaries and keeping some things about ourselves and what we are doing private. This will especially be about our plans, thoughts or ideas to take things to the next level in our life. Let’s be wary of our desire to notify everyone of everything we might be doing for attention.

Our theme for April highlights gratitude and making time to stop and smell the roses this month. There is a lot to appreciate, and genuine appreciation can be a great antidote to feelings of resentment and bitterness. Many of us have an opportunity this month to breathe new life into ourselves again after a period of deflation. Let’s remain open, aware and grateful to what we are doing and where we are going.

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12hr HEALING EVENT – Creativity Shadow – coming up on Mon 8th April (a new moon solar eclipse). If you’d like to dive deeply into your potentials and unlock them, then you can find more about this event on the main website link below.


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Thu 11th April and is focused around our theme: ‘under the surface’. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - our next online art class will occur as usual on Fri 12th April. We’re starting a new chakra series (7 part). This class we’ll be exploring the base chakra – grounding, physicality and survival. Come to some or all within this series. Details on this below.


VISIT MY STUDIO - you can visit my studio by appointment now, and I am also open to offering my healing and art services in person at Campbell Town, Tasmania. If you are visiting Tasmania in the future, let me know dates and we can tee up a gathering, event or private session to coincide with your visit at a time that suits us both.


ART & CRAFT GROUP – Campbell Town, Tasmania – I have started a community group that meets on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Tuesday in the month, and the 4th Saturday. More details in the Facebook Group below.


DATE KEEPER - Temple of Balance turns 20! - Feb 2025 - series of workshops, classes, retreats and events in Tasmania, and some online. Details for the major events will be out in July!


Wishing you a successful and healthy April,

Thanks very much for your support,

Lee-Anne Peters


Main website - (Healing Energy Cards, online art class, and card reading club, 12hr event are here on the home page).

Ceramics website - (Studio Opening, and Studio events).

Campbell Town Art & Craft Group, Tasmania - :)

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