Message for February - sent with LOVE

Welcome to February!!

It’s been an interesting slow-motion skate into February with huge ‘time’ distortion feelings. Time is stretching out and we may find ourselves disorientated with the days and time itself. Everything is getting into position for the start of our next personal chapter.

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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January has been an interesting month that moved swiftly for the first few weeks and then hit slow-motion. There has been much to purge and clear out in preparation for what is coming into our lives soon. Some of us enjoyed a break, or the pause after we closed doors in December. It’s been a great time to further explore our healing and deepen our understanding and connections with ourselves and those closest to us in life. A few surprises have been thrown in, and then, in the blink of an eye the first month of the year is over! Thus, we’re reminded to ensure we step into sincere gratitude for what we do have and make the most of connections and moments, good health and youth while we have it and feel it. Let’s not take anything for granted.


I have laid out some cards for February - let’s see what they say…

The first week of February brings with it a fixed and stubborn energy that may arise from our truth, values or inflexible position – to hold our stance can be a good thing. There is deep feeling moving in this week and we’re being encouraged to pay close attention to the subtleties.

During the second week of this month some of us may feel called to take a risk and follow our heart as we step into the beginnings of a new chapter in our life. We are stepping into the unknown and we’re urged to focus on our strengths and be as confident as we can.

The third week of February suggests that we hold our position and stance. There may be naysayers or concerns that come in from others this week, although we may find it helpful to listen, the truth is that we know what we want (hopefully) and what led us to this crossroads (also hopefully), so we can trust in this moment, stay focused and stay the course. There is a lot to learn and we may have a ‘light bulb’ moment this week.

This final week of February brings highlight to our boundaries, and this may be more important than usual to focus on. Let’s keep our boundaries secure, healthy and supportive and see if we can manage to maintain our flow within the boundaries we have in place. There is an ebb and flow moving in this week – like Yin Yang energy that can either knock us off balance, or guide us on an incredible and uniting dance.

Our theme this month suggests that we may find it helpful to keep some of our thoughts, opinions and ideas close to our chest and private. Boundaries are again highlighted. Some of us may be initiated into a new level or aspect of our path this month as we continue making progress in our life.

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CARD READING CLUB – new day / new time trial - our next online session will take place on Thu 8th February and is focused around our theme: ‘staying the course’. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - our next online art class will occur as usual on Fri 9th February. We’re continuing our ‘Self Discovery Series’ (5 part). This fourth installment is themed around the element of ‘air’. Come to some or all within this series. Details on this below.


VISIT MY STUDIO - you can visit my studio by appointment now, and I am also open to offering my healing and art services in person at Campbell Town, Tasmania. If you are visiting Tasmania in the future, let me know dates and we can tee up a gathering, event or private session to coincide with your visit at a time that suits us both.


THIS MONTH!! Solo Exhibition - 28 Feb-4 Mar - Initiation: into the unknown – ceramics & visual art - Social Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania. Opening Night: Thu 29 Feb, arrive from 5.30pm for a 6pm start. Guest speaker: Nanna Bayer.


DATE KEEPER - Temple of Balance turns 20! - Feb 2025 - series of workshops, classes, retreats and events in Tasmania, and some online. Details for the major events will be out mid 2024!


Wishing you a successful and healthy February,

Thanks very much for your support,

Lee-Anne Peters


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