Heaven on Earth - email reading

Heaven on Earth - email reading

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ HEAVEN on EARTH - EMAIL READING with Lee-Anne Peters

A highly accurate and honest reading for you - for now!

up to 48hrs wait

The Heaven on Earth spread comes directly from Lee-Anne's Speed of Light Oracle Cards. In this spread she will pull at least 3 x cards representing 'heaven' or 'above' - this section represents that which is preparing to come into play in your life based on your current energy space. Also including potential actions, spiritual energy and new ideas. This is likely 'changeable' and presents likely directions based on the present position in your life.

The centre card represents you, self and the current energy space for you - right in that moment when you read your reading.

The lower 3 x cards represent 'Earth' or your physical world, current happenings and what is in play in your current life.

INCLUDES: The guidebook information for each card pulled (at least 7 x cards), as well as Lee-Anne's intuition interpretation of those cards and their subtle messages for you. This will be an in depth reading of approximately 1500 - 2000 words (approx 4 x pages), which will be forwarded to you via email.

EXCHANGE: AUD$62 (approx $39 USD)

LEE-ANNE REQUIRES: ensure your email and full name are correct upon purchase, or contact us immediately. Please DO NOT send questions (see below).

Lee-Anne will be working with her combined Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards and Speed of Light Oracle Cards for this reading.

Although currently available, this service will cease as Lee-Anne's workload and schedule demands.


I have been doing readings for others since 1992 - when I used to have students in the college cafeteria lining up for readings. I have read at various psychic expos and regularly on my radio programs, however these days I access my intuition for 'reading style connections' via my spirit guide drawings, intuitive energy healing, monthly forecasts and twice weekly Current Energy Reports. I am highly sensitive to energy, and am grateful to be working with my own decks of cards. My readings tend to be helpful for you in this moment in your life, and can have quite the healing slant - as I am passionate about self healing and following our passions in life - this seems to come through in the readings. Even though I can sense loved ones in spirit and can tune into spiritual guides and teachers, I am not a psychic medium. I trust whatever comes through for you will resonate and help you in a productive way in your life today. I trust this helps you know a little more about me and my background from a reading perspective. xx Lee-Anne


***PLEASE ensure your email is correct (check your paypal email) upon purchase. Contact us immediately if it is different. CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR YOUR READING.

***IF this is a gift for someone, please contact us with that person's full name and location, along with their correct email address.

***Your Heaven on Earth reading will be forwarded to your email inbox upon completion.

***THERE is no need to send any questions. Lee-Anne can tune into your energy and bring through what you need for your highest good. Questions can block this flow between what you 'want' and what you 'need' - Lee-Anne prefers to focus on what you 'need'.



M. from USA - April 2024 - "It was so spot on! As always, but really almost eerily so with what’s going on right now. Thank you so much. You have been an immense help to me over the years. Just listening to you speak now soothes my nervous system.  I’m so grateful to have you and your work in my life!"

J. from Ireland - Oct 2018 - "Thank you for my reading, it resonates so much with me! Even though I’ve read it twice, I still feel the need to reread it again later as it contains a lot of good advice and is beautifully written. You are very gifted. PS I was picturing the wolf as as I requested the reading I knew I’d get it."

P. from USA - Oct 2018 - "Beautiful and very accurate with the current energies I’ve been feeling lately. I’m feeling huge shifts in my work and personal life! Very exciting time for me right now. Thanks for your love and support this year. It has made all the difference."

S. from USA  - July 2017 - "I wanted to thank you for my reading and let you know that it was incredibly insightful, accurate and confirming of many things that are happening in my life. I was inspired to purchase it completely out of the blue and have found it to be very helpful during an unexpectedly extreme time in my life."

S. from USA  - July 2017 - "Your reading is special and it will be my guide to a new way of being.    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" 

J. from Aus - June 2016 - "Thank you so much for my soul reading. I am so thankful for everything you do and would not be the better person i am today without your guidanceess and lovely meditations."

J. from USA - June 2016 - "Your reading was so spot on. Thank you so very, very much. I was looking for validation in what I am doing and you definitely gave that to me."

T. from WA - June 2016 - "Fantastic reading Lee-Anne. Thank you. The cards make perfect sense and your explanation is fantastic. I look forward to putting into practice your recommendations and aligning closer to my purpose. Much love."

M. from UK - June 2016 - "Thank you for my reading , I will definitely take on board all you have said."

J. from SA - May 2016 - "Hello Lee-Anne. Thank you for my reading. It resonates very much with me."

S. from VIC - May 2016 - "Thank you LeeAnn, Amazing and thank you so much this reading is EXACTLY  what I needed to hear right now."

A. from QLD - March 2016 - "Thankyou so much for my great reading. This reading sooo resonates with my current life path at the moment and has confirmed a few things on my list already. I have had a chance to digest most components,will read again over the coarse of the week and go deeper. Look forward to a follow up reading in the next couple of months for your beautiful gift of guidance."

M. from USA - March 2016 - "Reading resonated perfectly dear goddess.....thank you."

A. from USA - Feb 2016 - "I loved the reading! It was very insightful and reassuring that I'm trodding along nicely. I'm very curious as to things to come for me....opportunity unlimited sounds like."

I really appreciate your work and am thankful to have been linked up with Temple of Balance

A. from VIC - Feb 2016 - "Thank you Lee-Anne for my email reading :) I can totally relate to it all! It was lovely to get confirmation of all that my soul is experiencing right now! Thank you for the lovely affirmations included which I plan too print out and put into my daily practice.I highly recommend to others seeking confirmation that you are on the right path a Heaven on Earth reading from Lee-Anne Peters.Once again sweetie thank you for connecting."

L. from USA - Jan 2016 - "I resonated with everything you wrote. You’re good! Thank you so very much, this was very helpful."

G. from NSW - Jan 2016 - "Wow awesome thanks"

F. from NSW - Jan 2016 - "My reading was so good and right on point esp given the state my back is in at present and the time I've had to spend at home these holidays .. love you .. and thank you so much."

D. from Ireland - Jan 2016 - "Thank you for reading - always appreciated."