Art Print of Wolf
Art Print of Wolf
Art Print of Wolf
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Art Print of Wolf

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Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters

29 April 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.


5 x 7in - AU30 (Approx USD20) - shipping worldwide included (this size only)

12 x 16in - AU65 (Approx USD45) + shipping.

20 x 24in (almost same size as original) - AU115 (Approx USD80) + shipping.

Frame is not included. 5 x 7in prints will arrive flat in sturdy mailer. Larger prints will be rolled into a postal tube for shipping.

Shipping can be combined on multiple print orders. Therefore any extra shipping paid will be refunded after mailing your item out.

Allow 3-5 business days for your prints to be printed and then they will be mailed out to you.


This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as the WOLF.

WOLF reminds us to tap into our inner and outer freedom by following our wild spirit. WOLF brings about a playful, wise and protective energy. He is a gentle, yet a direct wise teacher. WOLF teaches us about our boundaries and how to enforce them.

WOLVES are friendly, social and highly intelligent. Their sense of family is strong and loyal, and they live by carefully defined rules and rituals.

WOLF will guard you as it teaches you - sometimes strongly and sometime gently - but always with love. When WOLF shows up, it is time to breathe new life into your life rituals. Find a new path, take a new journey, take control of your life. You are the governor of your life. You create it and direct it. Do so with harmony and discipline, and then you will know the true spirit of freedom. source: Ted Andrews, Animal Speak]

WOLF energy in this drawing is strong and direct. He is wild and rugged - reminding us of the wisdom during our 'crazy' times. We may feel as if we've been through the 'wringer' at times - WOLF reminds us that we can come out the other side wiser and more focused than before.

The symbols around WOLF represent the importance of re-enforcing our boundaries through saying 'no', stepping back and building our inner strength so we can face what we need to in the clearest possible space. The symbols being in orange reminds us that our feelings are key in helping us understand our boundaries and maintaining them in a healthy and non-dependent way. Let's ensure our boundaries are enforced from a space of truth by being honest with ourselves.

MESSAGE FOR YOU: WOLF has stepped forward in your life today to remind you of just how powerful and wise you really are. If you've been feeling low, vulnerable or powerless lately, then WOLF has come forward to gently let you know that you are currently in a potential temporary position and that it's important now to build you inner strength through self-care and gentleness. Continue to enforce your boundaries and communicate clearly to yourself and others where you stand and what you will or won't accept in your life. WOLF brings through change, inner power and wisdom.