Art Print of Water Dragon


Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
1 February 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.


5 x 7in - AU30 (Approx USD20) - shipping worldwide included (this size only)

12 x 16in - AU65 (Approx USD45) + shipping.

20 x 24in (almost same size as original) - AU115 (Approx USD80) + shipping.

Frame is not included. 5 x 7in prints will arrive flat in sturdy mailer. Larger prints will be rolled into a postal tube for shipping.

Shipping can be combined on multiple print orders. Therefore any extra shipping paid will be refunded after mailing your item out.

Allow 3-5 days for your prints to be printed and then they will be mailed out to you.


The DRAGON is a symbol of wisdom, strength, passion and courage. It helps us move through time and space, soaring into our dreams, freedom and new phases for us.

This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as WATER DRAGON.

The WATER DRAGON bursts up from the depths of the sea. He is mysterious, wise, strong and confident. He feels most comfortable swimming and holding space in the deepest of oceans - to the places rarely explored. He is the keeper of the water portal and is somewhat enticing us further into the depths of life!

As the guardian he stands guard ensuring you enter into his realm at the perfect moment and in absolute readiness. His realm is not for the light hearted, it is not for the uncertain and it is certainly not for the ego driven. His water realm is sacred and open to anyone genuinely eager to explore - to DIVE deeper, EXPLORE deeper, LOVE deeper and HEAL deeper!

We do not have to be perfect in his eyes to enter - but we must be willing, honest and real! He can sniff out a mask covered individual a mile away.

So let's drop our masks, let's release our coverings - those ones we hide behind and open up. We may feel vulnerable and sensitive - however Dragon assures us that it is safe and we will get through this time of facing who we really are.

In his hands the WATER DRAGON holds a green and yellow ball of light. These represent his realm - the realm of healing, growth and inner strength building.

The ancient script in blue along his tail is a message - the key - which will be personal for every person. One person may see the key as a message, or hope. Others may see a clue as to what is holding them back and so forth. Meditating upon this will help open the doorway and reveal the KEY!

MESSAGE FOR YOU: If the Asian Water Dragon has entered into your life today he represents a time of choice. A time to choose to shift, heal and improve aspects of yourself which you may have recently or long struggled with - especially in the realm of feeling / emotions. The Dragon invites you into his realm for healing, improvement and exploration. When you visit his realm you are in truth admitting to yourself that you truly are ready to move forward into your freedom. So, come along - you may be more ready than you realise!


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