Art Print of Spirit Dragon
Art Print of Spirit Dragon
Art Print of Spirit Dragon
Art Print of Spirit Dragon
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Art Print of Spirit Dragon

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Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
4 February 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.

Available print options:

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20 x 24in (almost same size as original) - AU115 (Approx USD80) + shipping.

Frame is not included. 5 x 7in prints will arrive flat in sturdy mailer. Larger prints will be rolled into a postal tube for shipping.

Shipping can be combined on multiple print orders. Therefore any extra shipping paid will be refunded after mailing your item out.

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The DRAGON is a symbol of wisdom, strength, passion and courage. It helps us move through time and space, soaring into our dreams, freedom and new phases for us.

This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as SPIRIT DRAGON.

SPIRIT DRAGON is older than time (as we know it)... he is the oldest (and wisest) of all Dragons (drawn by me). He has 'graduated' through the elements - Mastering them all - to reach this Ascended Space in the Ethers.

SPIRIT DRAGON contains all elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) within him - as you can see by the spheres he holds which represent these.

He represents the best space of BALANCE, of CONNECTION, inner / outer PEACE... he represents the unseen/seen, the unmanifest/manifest, the ideas, inspirations and dreams. He represents the process, the journey back into Oneness. He reminds you of your wholeness, your inner wisdom and the resources you can tap into within yourself at any time.

SPIRIT DRAGON likes to travel about the earth - playing in the other elements of water, earth, fire and air. He travels mostly unseen - sometimes unable to be noticed.

He calls to you - he is that glimmer of hope, the potentials and the opportunities which entice you! He is the sun shinning after a period of rain or storm. He is the space you visit when in absolute peace and joy. Spirit Dragon is that moment where you are seeded with a new and exciting idea! He flows into everything.

SPIRIT DRAGON is curled to form the 'star gate' - a place you are welcome to visit through your intentions, visualisation or meditation. Within there are stars, galaxies and much which is unknown/known. Within the centre is his symbol. It is one of connection - remembering to enjoy an enriched connection you must connect with SELF first - finding comfort in your skin, and being who you are. Meditate upon this symbol for more specific information for you.

SPIRIT DRAGON is EXPANSION, he is LOVE, the UNIVERSE, he is ALL THAT IS! In truth, he represents your potentials and journey. He is your journey through separation and into Oneness/ Unity.

MESSAGE FOR YOU: If you are ready to notice potentials for improvement, peace, happiness and purpose, then Spirit Dragon is speaking to you. He flows ever so subtly, yet with much sparkle into your subconscious. He has stepped forward in your life today to inspire you to feel for balance, to welcome new ideas and to open to the possibility that your life can improve. You are much more than suffering, fear, worry and doubt. Spirit Dragon reminds you that there can be more to life than misery, in fact he says that just by connecting with his essence now you are well on your way to 'coming full circle' - of improvement and upliftment in your life. It wont happen overnight though - however, what if it was easier than you think?