Art Print of Sea Eagle


Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
4 April 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.


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20 x 24in (almost same size as original) - AU115 (Approx USD80) + shipping.

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This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as the SEA EAGLE.

The SEA EAGLE resides along coastlines and major waterways in various parts of the world. It is a large bird, with fish forming about half of its diet. They usually mate with one partner for life.

The SEA EAGLE represents the realm between land and air, and is comfortable within both elements. It spends a lot of it's time in the air - thus bringing through the air / mind element strongly. This is reminding us to find acceptance within the realms of our physical world, our emotions, creativity and in our mind . We are urged to soar to new heights within our physical, emotional, mental and creative aspects.

EAGLE itself represents our higher self and connection to spirit. It is a symbol of conserving energy, freedom, personal power and sharp senses. We are guided to stay on high alert for opportunities which will pull us further into our freedom.

In this drawing, SEA EAGLE is in flight and is seriously focused. He seems to have his eyes locked onto where he's going - thus reminding us to set doable goals, write lists and strive for what is in our heart.

Under the SEA EAGLE in this drawing is incredible energy - perhaps a visual of the air currents which are sweeping and pulling EAGLE where it's going. This reminds us of the incredible support in the 'currents' - that natural flow of our life. The blue colours within this energy highlight our quest and search for TRUTH and who we are!

At the back of SEA EAGLE is an orange / yellow sphere - it glows there behind him and seems to follow him not matter where he goes. This is a sphere of inner power and flow. Within it is a green coloured ancient script. This is to help you tap into your inner power and the power of your flow. There is much potential healing and growth in this for you.

MESSAGE FOR YOU: SEA EAGLE has flown into your life to remind you to focus on strengthening your connections to yourself and spirit, and that those thoughts of disconnection are perhaps you not being in complete alignment with your physical, emotional and mental aspects. Find focus and use all of your senses to hone in on the direction you are being supported to take. Then with all of your power, might and attention move into that direction. Lift as free as you can from your burdens - fly above the storm, where the sky is clear and the only sound is the wind rushing past you.


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