Art Print of Fire Dragon


Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
31 January 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.


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The DRAGON is a symbol of wisdom, strength, passion and courage. It helps us move through time and space, soaring into our dreams, freedom and new phases for us.

This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as FIRE DRAGON.

Being a Fire Dragon we can tap into Dragon's wisdom of mastering skills, crafts, hobbies and who we are. The Fire Dragon helps ignite our own inner fire, our passions and creative endevours. A strong protector, leader and symbol of vitality the Fire Dragon will help us overcome obstacles!

Holding a blue sphere and a red sphere in his feet this DRAGON reminds us to find balance - especially in the things / tasks / projects we are focusing upon. We must be cautious of spreading our energy too thin, but instead find real focus on the one, two or a few things that we can give our whole heart and attention to. These spheres also speak of holding the truth and bringing that truth and who we are into our everyday physical life. Basically we are urged to always be who we are in any situation.

The drawing itself feels strongly like a portal and the Oriental Fire Dragon is the Gatekeeper. He will ensure we are truly ready to step through - he may do this by presenting us with a test - a test that may challenge us, however a test that we will likely pass because it is based around what we've recently been learning - well, have we really and truly learned it? Dragon will test us to ensure we have learned or whether we are falling back to old habits, fears and ways. To not pass the test, doesn't mean any sort of fail, it simply means there is some more understanding to gain, and then you will face this portal opportunity once again.

Dragon wants to be sure that we learn our lessons!

So we must trust in perfect timing, not become too discouraged by tests, challenges, set backs and even rejection at this time - there is a reason why we are not quite ready to move into that space.

The symbol or ancient writing just behind Dragon is the KEY to getting through. It will be different for everyone in all situations. Meditating upon this area may help us tap into what we may be 'missing' or not understanding and why the doorway remains closed to us.

MESSAGE FOR YOU: The Oriental Fire Dragon has faith in you and your learning in life - however he is ultra observant and aware of whether or not you really are learning or not. He doesn't judge this, however he understands, and in many ways is protecting you from what is on the other side of the portal by closing it if you are not quite ready. Please do not be discouraged by setbacks at this time - instead understand that you are not quite ready or the timing is not quite right for you to step through into the new phase / portal. Yes you may curse and complain, but Dragon has mighty tough skin and takes nothing personally. He is looking out for your health and well-being by enforcing that you wait for now.


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