Art Print of Earth Dragon


Original drawn by Lee-Anne Peters
2 February 2015
soft pastel & charcoal on paper

The original has sold.

ART PRINTS are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.


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20 x 24in (almost same size as original) - AU115 (Approx USD80) + shipping.

Frame is not included. 5 x 7in prints will arrive flat in sturdy mailer. Larger prints will be rolled into a postal tube for shipping.

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The DRAGON is a symbol of wisdom, strength, passion and courage. It helps us move through time and space, soaring into our dreams, freedom and new phases for us.

This illustration is featured in my - Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards -- as EARTH DRAGON.

This EARTH DRAGON steps forward with LIFE! He travels the land ensuring all is happy, healthy and true. He carries his pink sphere of LOVE and compassion as he plants his blue spheres within the earth in certain 'troubling' locations. It is not up to us to know or judge what / why / where he places these, he just does to help maintain collective and individual balance and truth.

If we've been misjudging LOVE / compassion vs Honesty lately then we may find that the Earth Dragon has placed a blue sphere under our very own home. Just peak out in the back yard for any recently dug holes!

Like all the Dragons he does what he does with a loving intent, but also a 'no fooling around' one. He is serious about his role monitoring and working with nature and our dear planet.

If he stands still long enough (which he barely does), we may notice him twisted into the shape of a tree - holding his breath and position privately as he wishes not to be seen. He stood just long enough for me to draw him, but I had to hurry as he wizzed by - Earth Dragon has much work to do.

He is the guardian of the Earth Realm - the portal which is the Earth itself. Earth Dragon suggests that some time when our hearts are calm and our mind is light to meditate and journey into the earth. He will be thrilled to be our guide into our nature - he means 'nature'.

The ancient script near his tail is one of his helpful messages for you - it is one of simplicity. Meditating upon this may help you tap into his simple message and what that means for you.

MESSAGE FOR YOU: When the Earth Dragon comes up for you he is reminding you to be true, honest and compassionate in all of your interactions. He says that you have much work to do, many footprints (light ones) to leave on this earth, just as all of your ancestors have before you. Go forward with that compassion and truth and all will turn out more incredible than you could dream right now. Earth Dragon inspires much growth in action, much reflecting on your own 'nature' and a reminder to keep things simple and focused.


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