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White light flushing through your spine. Cleansing. Purging. Washing. Allow yourself to be cleaned out. Connect. Presence of loved ones in spirit.
Category: Action
Lee-Anne Peters - deck artist and creator
CATEGORY ACTION KEYWORDS: Movement, green light, go, proactive, productive, life's path, take action, spring. This is a steady action. Unless we feel something is urgent, there is little urgency to this energy. It’s unlikely to be a ‘this should have been done yesterday’ sort of attitude. We see the long round ahead, we know we can’t do everything now, however we can get some things prepared, we can see what we can access now and what action may be required that is steady, cost effective and suitable to our current personal conditions (environmental, financial, medical etc).
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Much gratitude, Lee-Anne Peters
New - 3rd edition of Healing Energy Cards - original deck - are due for release soon.
New - Healing Energy Cards 2 - stand alone expansion - are also due for release soon.
Decks will contain 55 x cards each and will be sold separately.
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