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Self healing. Inner peace. Silence & meditation may be helpful. Self discipline & self control. Prayer. Throat chakra. Observation. Truth. Be at peace.
Category: Neutral
Lee-Anne Peters - deck artist and creator
CATEGORY NEUTRAL KEYWORDS: Centre, all potentials, crossroads, flow, opportunities.
All paths lead out from this point. Things could go any way, but for now, we’re encouraged to find our centre - and maybe neutralise our strong opinions and beliefs - to stop accelerating through the gears, but find neutral. Let'a idle for a bit and neutralise. Opinions may change or soften, which will open up and reveal new doorways we had pushed away before. In neutral - everything is possible. It is our chance to start over, regroup, reassess and regain our confidence. In this energy we can also rest, take action, move into new depths and rise - almost all at once. Anything is possible here.
Thank you for helping me refine and test this upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards. Your feedback is encouraged. Please leave a message below, comment on the social media post or drop us an email. Please share your card selection if it resonates.
Much gratitude, Lee-Anne Peters
New - Healing Energy Cards - original deck - are due for release in mid 2022.
New - Healing Energy Cards 2 - stand alone expansion - are also due for release in mid 2022.
Decks will contain 55 x cards each and will be sold separately.
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