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Lifting out of karmic patterns, old wounds and the past. Transform fear into love. Let the past go. Lighten your load. Release separation issues.
Category: rise
Lee-Anne Peters - deck artist and creator
CATEGORY RISE KEYWORDS: In the RISE energy we tend to feel uplifted, motivated, hopeful and ‘high-flying’. This natural ‘high’ brings with it renewed confidence and certainty. We may be more ‘future thinking’ and figuring out how we can make things happen. To rise is to lift ourselves up out of stagnant heavy energy and to be like the phoenix - rising out of the ashes of our past and into the vast open sky above us - where freedom and upliftment call to us - not as pure fantasy, but figuring out how we can make it reality.
Thank you for helping me refine and test this upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards. Your feedback is encouraged. Please leave a message, comment on the social media post or drop us an email. Please share your card selection if it resonates.
Much gratitude, Lee-Anne Peters
New - Healing Energy Cards - original deck - are due for release soon..
New - Healing Energy Cards 2 - stand alone expansion - are also due for release soon.
Decks will contain 55 x cards each and will be sold separately.
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