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Let go and allow flow. Step into alignment with the flow. Move with your natural rhythm. Avoid swimming upstream against the flow. Stand upright.
Category: depth
Lee-Anne Peters - deck artist and creator
CATEGORY DEPTH KEYWORDS: Depth takes us inward into the untapped potential and knowledge we have within our body, mind, emotional or spiritual state. This is a great time to meditate, find insight and explore things we’ve got going on through contemplation, conversation and writing. We are likely on the verge of an epiphany - a breakthrough of sorts - where something clicks into place and we understand the deeper meaning that is present. Let’s see what we can connect with that is sitting just under the surface, that is just out of view, and that waits over there in the background for our discovery.
Thank you for helping me refine and test this upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards. Your feedback is encouraged. Please leave a message below, comment on the social media post or drop us an email. Please share your card selection if it resonates.
Much gratitude, Lee-Anne Peters
New - Healing Energy Cards - original deck - are due for release soon.
New - Healing Energy Cards 2 - stand alone expansion - are also due for release soon.
Decks will contain 55 x cards each and will be sold separately.
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