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Spiritual Surgery
Painted by Lee-Anne Peters
30 June 2021
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Board
Size: 30cm x 40cm (portrait)
Weight: 455g

Price: $110 AUD (approx US$85) plus shipping (see below) in bubble wrap and package.
This illustration is an upgrade and extension from the original artwork from Healing Energy Cards (edition 1&2) #46. Spiritual Surgery (see below for original).
Over the course of 2 x sittings, this new artwork took form. It's made up of multiple layers of paint, and has a strong galactic presence. It represents my (Lee-Anne's) personal Spiritual Surgeon - Merion, a white light being. His energy is coming around the person connecting with it for healing and support of change. The hands of Merion and the figure are actively moving - creating, healing, working. This is a piece of healing art.

You are purchasing the original painting.
This illustration is part of my refined upcoming deck of Healing Energy Cards (original deck - 3rd edition). Due to be printed and released in 2022.

Created by Lee-Anne Peters

From Temple of Balance


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