Going in a New Life Direction

Going in a new direction - opening up a new chapter of our life book - starting something NEW - these things don't have to be a big scary ordeal. In fact, once we overcome the hurdle of our own fear and resistance it can be a beautiful and highly motivating experience.

Sometimes I think the trick is, is not to get too far ahead of ourselves - especially as we face the unknown. Focusing on one step at a time will help us move forward - even if we know not the destination.

Just like when I write books. The end result is many words, editing and situations away from the point where I am looking from - the position of right when I begin. A book is written one word at a time. Just like, our journey is experienced one step at a time.

If we can ensure those steps are true, feel right and are coming from our heart, then this helps immensely. For me, if I am uncertain or unsure about a step, I will usually wait.

What am I waiting for? Clarity usually, and sometimes that arrives to me as an inspiration or something that I am curious about. Curiosity leads me on those steps quite often. I wonder... could I really do that? Is that possible? Is this the best option? etc.

In this video below I share some more thoughts on going in a new direction, trusting in those steps we take, following our heart and wising up to our lower mind. Please take a peek if you're inspired by this conversation.

We truly can trust in the direction we're going. However if something doesn't feel right or we are meeting obstacles, let's pause for a moment, check in and either wait, keep going or make changes.

If we're not aware of how our heart feels, what is true for us or we are hesitating about parts of our life - it may be difficult (not impossible) to sense our best course.

This is why, no matter how connected, disconnected, in tune, out of tune, aware, unaware, trusting or untrusting we are... one step at a time will always lead us through.

What are your thoughts on this?

Has anything shared worked, or not worked for you?

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See you again soon,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Hello Lee-Ann I really loved these cards and that is exactly where I am atm. I’m doing platform tomorrow and Im facing my fear of public speaking but this is the path that I’m supposed to walk. I never ever thought that I would be doing this but spirit and the universe keep putting things in my path to do this work.When ever I steer away from it something gets me back. Anyway onwards and upwards. Thankyou so much for all ur videos and check ins. I’m loving it.Namasta xxxx


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