How to 'check in' with ourselves

I've been dedicated to living in a state of balance for almost 20 years. During that time I've found it extremely helpful to 'check in' with myself regularly, daily in fact to ensure I am on track... and if I observe that my balance is tipping, or I am spiraling into a dark place, then I can DO something about it.

To check in, only take a few moments.

How nice would it be to ask someone, or someone ask us 'how are you?' and we can do a brief check in and express how we're doing there and then.

Often we revert back to answers like - 'I'm okay - how are you?' - or we go into how we felt last week and what we've been dealing with.

To help us be able to move forward, and out of what happened, and our old story - checking in may be the way to go.

I share a little more about it in this video. Plus we explore it a little deeper with a Healing Energy Card selection, and some smudging - to help clear out any issues which may be revealed from our check in time.

What are your thoughts?

How are you? - yes I mean now, when you check in with yourself.

When you check in and find that something is amiss - what will you do about it?

I look forward to reading your thoughts if you're inspired to share.

STAY TUNED... EVERY week for WEDNESDAY CHECK IN (video).... premiering on my Temple of Balance facebook page, and also coming to my YouTube channel.

See you again soon,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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