Reflection on my theme for November

This month my theme has been RHYTHM - you can see my blog on this choice here if you like: and now, I have but a few minutes to reflect on this and feel my way into my December theme word and what that will be.

I have had an extremely hectic, well-balanced and nourishing month - and in my opinion have been in great rhythm. I've concentrated on the spelling of 'rhythm' so that I could nail it once and for all.

And now, as I spend these moments reflecting I see focusing on rhythm and the fluidity of it each day this month has been extremely accelerating. I have made big accelerations on my journey - productively, professionally and personally.

What I have learned more clearly is that I am in constant rhythm, or flow, and that this movement carries with it great abundance and focus. I have had very very few low moments this month.

Musically, there have been shifts for the better in one band, and I feel as if I am becoming more confident and better as a musician than I was before. I am listening and learning the rhythms more accurately, and pitching the notes better.

My relationship is also in a space of good rhythm and connection, and this dance of LOVE and companionship nourishes my soul very deeply.

In conclusion I feel in such good rhythm and have loved every moment of this month. Sure there have been harder days than others, but I seemed to have smoothed over rough and jagged edges fairly well.

Now going forth into December I have my radar open for my personal theme word. At this stage I have zero idea, so we will see. I will pay attention to words I find interesting or am curious by, any areas of my personal journey I'd like to concentrate on and so forth. I will share another blog around the turn of the month with what it is.

How are you flowing with your theme for November? How has it helped support you? What have you learned?

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