My personal theme focus for November

It's been a great month reconnecting with, understanding further and recognising my spiritual side more deeply. The biggest thing I have realised is that I practice and AM my spiritual being every moment - more than I thought going into October.

It is now the last day of October, and I have been feeling on what I would like to be my personal theme or focus for November going forward... and that theme is RHYTHM.

I have a few reasons for choosing rhythm:

1/ It is one word I have struggled to spell correctly - so now is my chance to focus on it and learn the word's own structure.

2/ Being somewhat musical and actively playing a musical instrument in a couple of bands I am very fascinated by rhythms and patterns in the music I play.

3/ I am curious about exploring rhythm further this month.

When I choose a word I look at the definition of it, as well as the synonyms.


- a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.

- the measured flow of words and phrases in a verse as determined by the relation of long and short, or stressed and unstressed syllables.

I also explored RHYTHM musically, and found some interesting information:

- rhythm, in music, is the placement of sounds in time.

- rhythm is derived from the Greek word rhythmos - meaning 'to flow'.

- rhythm is music's pattern in time.

- Plato observed that rhythm is 'an order of movement'.


- pattern - flow - tempo - regular features - recurrent nature - pulse - measure.

For me personally I feel quite excited by this information and intend to personally explore and notice RHYTHM in:

- my voice

- my movements / action

- the music I play / sing / listen to

- nature

- my body, life and relationships.

How I will do that is to observe, listen, feel, play musical instruments, drum, listen to the repetitive rhythms in nature (eg. in birdsong, waves etc), meditate and sleep to simple repetitive rhythms etc.

I'm also inspired to explore the rhythm of my physical body - my heart beat, breath and the pulsation of my cells.

I have no expectations as to where this exploration may take me, so I am open to learning, growing and expanding who I am and my relationship with my journey.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you focus on a theme for November? If so, what will it be? How will you embody, learn and improve who you are with this focus?

If you're not sure what to focus on for your theme, perhaps consider what you've been struggling with lately, or have been curious about - and see if you can point it back to a word or two which can become a focal point for your forward movement during this coming month.


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