My theme for March - revealed.

I had a beautiful February focus of intimacy, closeness and connection on deeper levels to me. Whether that be in my intimate relationship, close conversations, creations, what I was observing, sharing, teaching or doing - I have felt beautiful intimacy across the board - however I do feel there is more depth for me to reach and more for me to understand about this deep and mysterious state - so my theme for February continues into March.

My month ahead holds a ten day camping trip - and I'd really LOVE to explore my intimacy focus during that time especially, as February has been hectic with work and hosting a retreat in there too - so in some ways I became occupied and focused with what I was doing that I didn't allow myself the depth of intimacy I feel I want to achieve.

So I won't recap on everything I covered last month on what I want to achieve and discover with my intimacy theme - instead here is the link to my previous blog on it from February -

Early in February I also created a very useful 'Intimacy Card Reading Spread' - although I rarely did it from mid month on, prior to then I practiced it and learned from it every day - so I want to commit to this spread each day in March too. Here's a link to it if you want to work with it too -

As this is the last day of February when I write this, I will make some time today to recap on my February theme blog (link above) and make this deeper commitment to myself.

Bring on even more intimacy during March...

What will your theme be for March?

What are you discovering, uncovering or curious about at this time - and how could you benefit from learning something deeper from it with your own theme dedication? It could be self love, focus, healing, acceptance or whatever speaks to you...

You are welcome to use intimacy too if it is something that speaks to you.

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