My theme for February - Intimacy

DAILY RITUAL - JANUARY THEME - I feel very pleased with my efforts of maintaining movement, activity and connection with my 'daily ritual' focus throughout January. Some days were easier to motivate myself than others. I did feel times of rejection of my body. So instead of punishing myself I focused on softening and easing into those moments - it seemed to work better. I reignited my passion for life this month too. You can read more about my mid-month theme reflection for January HERE.

DISCOVERING MY FEBRUARY THEME - Just yesterday (2 Feb) I had no idea what my theme for February would be, and unless I feel inspired I will wait. The reconnection feeling I achieved with daily ritual, movement, my body, and an increase in passion throughout January has spring-boarded me into my focus for February which is INTIMACY.

I've been exploring this very deeply in my journal, through meditation and practice for these past several hours.

I want to look at intimacy from all angles - and not just the obvious one - sex. Sure, physical intimacy is included in my exploration, and if I am honest with myself it is what mostly lead me to this theme - however I want to use what I've learned and continue to learn to deepen my experience in all aspects.

I feel I could be a better person (based on my opinion) to look more closely at intimacy. I want to take my connections of intimacy deeper - to fill myself up with connection, warmth and LOVE.

Usually when I stumble across my word for the month I will look at various definitions and synonyms. This is what I found:

- the state of being intimate.
a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.
a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.: an intimacy with Japan.
- an act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like: to allow the intimacy of using first names.
- an amorously familiar act; liberty.
sexual intercourse.

source -

Rapport, togetherness, affinity, closeness, attachment, familiarity, confidentiality, close association, friendliness, companionship, affection, warmth, warm feelings, understanding, lovemaking.

TYPES OF INTIMACY - This exploration lead me into discovering some different types of intimacy, especially in regards to relationship intimacy -

- Emotional - 'truly understanding your partner, being able to be vulnerable and share feelings is key to emotional intimacy' - Jennifer Kogan

- Intellectual - idea, thoughts, common interests

- Physical - being affectionate

- Experiential - sharing experiences in the full presence of each other

- Spiritual - sharing spiritual experiences and truths.

Intimacy fosters warmth, closeness and trust.

WHERE I WANT TO TAKE THIS INFORMATION - Exploring intimacy and getting to know it from more angles leaves me feeling eager to deepen intimacy in; my life, my marriage, my relationship with myself, my work, what I create, my relationships (with family, friends etc) and my connection to nature.

CONSIDERING HOW TO IMPLEMENT and put what I want into action, I need to -
- make an effort
- make time
- be efficient with my time
- set myself daily reminders
- be spontaneous
- LOVE, laugh, play, enjoy
- practice gratitude
- LOVE my body
- wear clothes I feel good in
- let myself feel vulnerable
- openly and honestly express myself and listen
- communicate and celebrate
- balance giving and receiving

ORIGINS OF THE WORD INTIMACY - this lead me into some research about intimacy and I found out that it comes from the Latin word - intimare - which means 'impress' or 'make familiar' - which comes from the Latin word - intimus - meaning 'inmost'.

INMOST? I'd never heard of it, so I looked it up and am now fascinated by it - although the word itself feels disjointed to verbalise. Some synonyms of INMOST are - inner most, deepest, deep, deep seated, profound, inward, underlying, intimate, private, personal, secret, hidden, masked, concealed, unexpressed, unrevealed, true, real and honest.

UNDERSTANDING WHERE I'M AT PERSONALLY NOW ON INTIMACY - I decided to look more intimately at intimacy for me - so I did a card spread with my Healing Energy Cards - and created a new intimacy spread - please view HERE.

NOW - I am presently in the space of embodying what I feel and want to discover through intimacy. I see it not only in my most intimate relationship, but also all around me when I stop and notice the RAW BEAUTY everywhere. And this is something already that I am realising - that I was in slight rejection of my raw beauty - the beauty in the raw and rugged.  I don't have to be perfect physically or appearance wise, or be self-conscious of myself. To accept the sacredness, raw beauty, touch, closeness, trust, vulnerability, feeling, connection and being fully present - is intimate to me.

I feel an intimate connection to the song I am listening to now - I feel it touch deeply to the inmost places within my being. I feel deep feelings of contentment, LOVE, appreciation and am really drawn to raw and beautiful sculptures, curves, shades and shapes. I intend on extending this feeling into expressing the connection I feel through physical intimacy and affection, creating, expressing and just being who I am.

REFLECTION - upon reflection I see that my theme will help support my overall desire to take my life experience and my relationship with myself deeper - now I need to make the effort and time to notice, embrace, feel and pay attention to the intimate moments occurring all around me, everywhere.

Thank you for connecting,

Are you inspired to create a theme focus for your February?

If so, what will it be?

You are welcome to use intimacy too if it is something that speaks to you, alternatively, feel for what you want to learn, embody and understand further this month.

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