Mid-month theme check in... daily ritual

by Lee-Anne Peters January 15, 2019


At the end of December I decided that my theme focus for January would be 'daily ritual'. You can read more about why I chose it here: https://www.templeofbalance.com.au/blogs/news/my-personal-january-theme-daily-ritual

Here I sit - mid-month - checking in with how my theme is flowing - and it is going wonderfully.

I have dedicated time every day to some sort of body movement (dance, tai chi, walking etc) - and this is something I am extremely pleased about. I've been honouring the sun every morning and feeling a broader sense of awareness and connection to everything - especially in nature. I've done a lot of smudging, held a lot of heart-intention (some may call prayer) and feel a deep connection with some pieces of music which touch my heart.

It especially fits in with a few things I have noticed as I've journeyed into the month.

Firstly; that my physical body required curbing of what and how much food I put into it. I had slowly become dependent on sugars again - so have spent the last several days using my self control to say 'no' to myself - especially to processed / commercial / sugary / junky foods - resorting back to home cooking and not over-eating.

Secondly; it happened that on Saturday afternoon I went to a Maori dance and song workshop - and it was incredibly beautiful. I am still processing it now on Tuesday, but I feel revived, enriched and connected from the experience. It was just what I needed to connect and realise a deeper sense of belonging.

What this workshop has to do with my theme is the ritual element of what I learned, plus when I feel enriched and like I belong here more deeply, then I am more interested in making an effort to LOVE my life.

I don't want to be just another brick on the wall - surviving! I want to thrive, I want to be my best and take my experience as deeply as I can. I want to fill my heart with meaning, purpose and LOVE. I want to feel LOVE with all of my fellow brothers and sisters. I want to express my soul without worry or doubt. I don't want to hold back or dim my light because others don't 'get it'. I just want to be as fully ME as I can be.

This requires dedication and devotion to my passions and bringing more depth and meaning into my life. Taking this 'daily ritual' theme deeper is my aim for the remainder of the month. I want to see where I can push myself.

I want to write songs - sing from my heart - no matter how my voice sounds.

I want to express myself more through body movement - no matter how I may appear.

I want to wear my clothes and my decorations with an empowering strength - for they match my heart, soul and exploration at the time.

I want to rise, grow, become, feel, live, LOVE and expand.

I continue to cut away the 'dead weight' - physically, emotionally and mentally.

I have realised further that my body is the gateway to the depths I want to explore. When my body feels good - I feel great. I am excited to continue honouring, listening to and feeling my body.

How are you flowing with your theme?


Lee-Anne Peters
Lee-Anne Peters


Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, independent author and founder of Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two teenage children.

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