My theme and focus for September

My theme word and focus for August was HEALING - and what a big and somewhat smooth healing month it has been. Everything - all of the up's and down's have aligned me further with my integrity and feeling deep contentment. If you'd like to read more about why I picked that theme, please read my previous blog here.

 As August tied up I was feeling around for what I would like to focus on as a theme for September. Some important focuses for me had been around authenticity and integrity, and I have organised two weeks break from work and the internet during this upcoming month - so all things to take into account.

 My 'me' time will be important - well it is always - but especially during September because I will have time to do things that I don't usually do.

 To have my theme word be 'ME' (and I did consider it for a couple of days) - seemed very self-absorbed and arrogant to me - as I have also been exploring how balanced my 'me' time is with my 'others' time (self LOVE vs time for others).

 This evolved into just wanting to keep it REAL...

 So there's my theme, my focus, my word for September, simply - REAL.

 Let's look at its definition:

 1/ REAL - actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.

 2/ REAL - (of a thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.

 When exploring a word I also like to look at the synonyms. Here are some of them for REAL:

 Absolute, actual, authentic, certain, evident, honest, legitimate, original, palpable, physical, positive, sincere, solid, substantial, substantive, true, undeniable, concrete, essential, existent, firm, material, present, right, sound and stable.

 Yes, this is everything I would like to understand and embrace more about who I am, how I live and what I do.

 Some steps I intend on taking to explore REAL and to live it, is:

 - going offline for 2 weeks straight and turning off my phone as much as I can. This will give me some 'self' time, respite, catching up on things I want to do but haven't because I've been busy, build my closest relationships, spend time in nature and not have to 'be' anywhere.

 - checking in with myself constantly to ensure I am living in a REAL way. I do this anyway, but being even more attentive to this.

 - define what REAL means to me, how I can live and be it. This includes becoming clearer about my personal truth, integrity, values, ethics and ensuring my life, words, thoughts and actions match it completely.

 - ensure that I concentrate on this in conversations and interactions. I want to really make sure I don't become swept up in the moment, and instead focus on being REAL at all times.

What will your focus / theme / word be for September and how will you implement, learn and live it? Feel free to use mine if you want to focus on it together.

Happy journeying through September,

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  • I choose to follow Your lead & use “Real” for my September Theme Word…&; very much, look forward to the exploration 🙏 ~ Blessings for your “down time” ❤💫🔥✨

    Allison Kennedy

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