My theme word for August...

I stand here (with about 36hrs to go until the new month) reflecting on my month so far and what I would like to be open to for August.

I'll just reflect briefly on my month (July) of being RESISTLESS. This has been a huge month of change, disruption and standing in my truth. This tells me that my truth is more solid than it's ever been - which is fantastic!

My resistless focus was especially essential during the first half of July, and it helped me practice non-attachment to many things I had become attached to. I reclaimed my power and liberated me.

If you'd like to read more about that here's a link to my previous blog(s) about my July theme of being RESISTLESS:

Now, as I expand from that phase, I understand more about myself and my journey, and have gained more experience - so I am ready to expand my reflection into this new month.

Without a clear word standing out for me (I was treated with Resistless peaking its head in my life) I ask myself questions like - what is 'lacking' in me or my life? What do I need? What do I want? Which direction would I like to guide myself? What would I LOVE to learn? etc

With this contemplation, and with the unfolding of some thoughts on my month ahead, I have decided that my theme word for August will be HEALING.

For one, I have dedicated to a 3 week solid healing time during the month anyway - so this theme feels perfect. If you want to join me in that intensive healing journey, you can learn more HERE.

I do feel a little resistant to it, because I feel a huge element of the 'unknown' cloaked over that word HEALING right now. But this is all the more reason for me to dive into it and embrace my healing journey more deeply over this next month.

I know that healing brings change, and I am not afraid of it. I have been seriously practising non-attachment and resistless living, so this has been a fantastic preparation for my healing time.

We'll see what happens as I prepare to dive blind-folded into my healing journey to burn away who I am not, become stronger in who I am and allow myself to be surprised!

What will your theme word for August be?

Thanks for reading,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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