My MAY theme is UPGRADE

I seriously loved my theme for April. It has been REBUILD. It has shown up on many fronts, from several angles and in different ways directly connecting to me or something I observe going on around me.

You can read more about why I chose REBUILD for my April theme here:

I have been giving rebuilding a lot of thought, and last week I realised that rebuilding can lead to an upgrade (or down-grade if simplifying is required). And I knew then that this had to be my theme focus going into May - letting the rebuilding focus turn into an UPGRADE.

When I think of upgrading I think of taking things to the next level, celebrating this 'achievement' or lifting the quality of something.

Here's some definitions I found:

UPGRADE - to raise or improve the grade of: such as;
a : to improve (livestock) by use of purebred sires
b : to advance to a job requiring a higher level of skill especially as part of a training program
c : to raise the quality of
d : to raise the classification and usually the price of without improving the quality
e : to extend the usefulness of (something, such as a device)
f : to assign a less serious status to (upgraded the patient's condition to good)
At present (30 April) I am not feeling a specific direction I want to take with my UPGRADE theme... I am just interested in keeping it in mind, seeing how it plays out and flowing with it.
Although I am keen to use this theme to increase the standards of my creations, work, activities, musical skills and so forth. I am not interested in something being just 'good enough' - I want it to be the best I can make it. I don't want to just tolerate something - I want to ensure my heart is 100% in it.
This is much different to me than making something perfect, or striving for perfection - because that sure does stifle creativity. So I want to find a balance between increasing / upgrading my standards and not letting it move to a state of seeking perfection.
May is my birth month - so on an annual, birthday level I will be upgrading to 43yrs old around the middle of the month. As usual I will work with this milestone for me to release, rebirth and now also to upgrade myself.
Let's see where this energy carries me,

What will your theme for May be? How can you explore, investigate, understand and work with your theme as deeply as possible?

~ All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
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