My theme focus for April - REBUILD!

There's a feeling about April right now that is fresh - with a strong sense of 'starting over'.

PERSONAL PHYSICAL UPGRADES: I'm personally seeing this in many areas of my everyday life, as recently we've had to: replace an old stove which 'died' with a new one, replace my old and tired car of 12yrs with a newer one, we've upgraded our tent for camping, and my new workshop shed is being made and will arrive over the next few weeks so I can rebuild my workshop which burned down last month.

LETTING THE OLD GO: I feel for me to start over I've had to let the old burn and crumble away, as well as let some old things expire / die. Much of this has not been something I have determined or decided, or even wanted - but certain objects and things have reached a natural expiration or 'death' and I've had to be prepared, be accepting, have the finances there and allow something new to replace the old.

RESOURCES FOR REBUILDING: I'm feeling so grateful that I've had finances saved for such occurrences - for rebuilding and upgrading. The types of things expiring for me are expensive. I realise that for me to rebuild I have to let go of the funds and resources to be able to do it - and ultimately upgrade!

I see this as an exchange, and something which seems to be happening all at once right now - it does tend to happen like that doesn't it?

REBUILD THEME DECIDED: So along with all of this and the rebuilding of my workshop I've decided that it feels right for REBUILD to be my theme for April.

I want to explore this not only in the obvious physical structure sense - but also my own inner rebuilding, and how this may relate or connect with me personally.


- to make extensive repairs to : reconstruct - rebuild a war-torn city

- to restore to a previous state - rebuild inventories

- to make extensive changes in : remodel - rebuild society

- to build again - planned to rebuild after the fire

EXTERNAL REBUILD TO INTERNAL: As I allow myself to be 'under-construction' I consider allowing my body, as well as mental and emotional states to rebuild.

I think of this like the 'tower' card in the tarot - a breaking down of structure, beliefs, old ways of thinking and limiting parts about myself so that I can upgrade who I am that fits in better with who I've become.

EXTERNAL REBUILDING: As I rebuild the things which require it externally, this will inspire my inner rebuilding. So I see much physical building and creating this month.

HOW TO PROCEED: I have to give myself the resources (time, effort, energy, finances (maybe) etc required to rebuild. I will also need to practice serious patience - as rebuilding is not usually an overnight thing. I will use this rebuilding time in a creative way too - exploring new ways to create, express and manifest an idea.

IN CONCLUSION: The only way I can rebuild - whether it is my workshop, or my inner being is to let the old building / structure crumble, burn or be demolished! Much of this happened for me in March... so now I rebuild one stone, brick and part at a time. Patiently letting myself reconstruct and upgrade.

Let's see where this takes me...

What will your theme for April be? How can you explore, investigate, understand and work with this theme as deeply as possible?

~ All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
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