My Feb / Mar theme - intimacy - check in

INTIMACY THEME CHOSEN - At the beginning of February I chose my theme for that month to be INTIMACY - you can see my reasoning and inspiration behind choosing this in my blog here: My theme for February - Intimacy -

THEME CONTINUED - As I transitioned in March I felt that I hadn't fully grasped or dived to the depths of intimacy that I wanted to, so hence, my intimacy theme continued into March. Here's the blog I shared about it: My theme for March -

REALISATION - Now, it can be said - that I get it!

I've been pondering my intimacy theme closely these past few days and have come to the conclusion that life itself has intimate moments - and I can choose to embrace them. However not every moment needs to be intimate - I cannot force a depth, closeness or connection of intimacy which is simply not there.

SACRED MOMENTS - There have been a dozen or so experiences in March which I wanted to keep private, sacred and intimate for me. These experiences I will not talk about, photograph, and I chose not to take my phone or video record. These are the intimate moments I have been capturing which cannot be explained or the story recaptured, but is more of a depth of feeling, connection and closeness which is sacred.

The feeling and connection we had by the end of our Healing Retreat in February is something all of us who were present will hold deep and safe in our hearts - I cannot even describe the sacredness to the depth it was felt.

The tender and sacred moments I experienced with Cory are something for us to embrace and hold deeply ourselves.

PRIVACY - I realise that intimacy - and the depth, closeness and connection it inspires is a private and sacred feeling. It cannot, and does not need to be explained, relived or photographed - for it is captured in our heart and essence.

UNDERSTANDING - Even though I realise that every moment does not have to be intimate, I do realise that intimacy is a sacred depth which is to be embraced in those tender and close moments.

It is a good thing to turn off our phones, not take photos or 'selfies' everywhere - but instead just fully immerse ourselves in the experience we are experiencing. If we want to capture or remember it we can write it down in our journal.

I feel I understand now... I am happy to continue capturing intimate moments when they arise, and to honour their private sacredness as much as I can.

Over the coming few days I will feel upon what my theme for April will be and will let you know in a new blog.

How are you going with your March theme?

Thanks for connecting,

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