Mid-month theme check-in - Spirituality

Good day,

I was inspired to stop by and share with you my journey through this month, and my current feeling solely towards my October theme - Spirituality. You can read more on why I chose this theme here: https://www.templeofbalance.com.au/blogs/news/my-theme-and-focus-for-october.

Being over half way through the month so far, I reflect back and see wonderful moments of connection, celebration and realising that I practice my personal spirituality all the time, everyday. Going into the theme I thought I wasn't practising my spiritual interests as much as I wanted, but I see that I am.

Now, I am very aware that my grounding and reconnection to my body and nature is required. I've been in such a heightened, spiritually focused and 'running on adrenaline' state for so much this month that I need to settle and calm down within myself. I've been so mentally active and busy - and although all of these things are great and I LOVE flowing with them, right now, I need to focus on my 'tree-like' roots.

My 'tree-like' branches have got so much attention I feel like I've become energetically a little top-heavy. So it's 'root' focus time...

So somewhat urgently I need to back-off a little, slow myself down and focus on my physical roots. For me these may include: rest, gardening, exercise, nature time, time with my husband, journal writing, cooking, cleaning, laughing, playing and just being a good-old-fashioned human!

Over these next few days this will be my priority. This is all showing me further that my spirituality MUST include my physicality - otherwise I tip out of balance. So before I actually do get out of balance, I recognise how I feel now and take important steps to hold aligned.

Don't read too much into this sharing - I do feel great and have been 'high-flying' naturally these past weeks - which is great and means I've been very focused and productive. Now I just gently feel I want to settle the energy a little, and this will be my intention.

How are you flowing? How are you going with your personal theme for October? What have you learned about yourself this month?

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  • Thankyou so very much Lee-Anne, your books and your beautiful healing energy cards, they are so wonderful to work with, thanks to you, I’m starting to finally understand my mental, physical and spiritual side and how to balance myself and raise my vibration, still a long way to go, but thankyou for the kickstart in the right direction, all my love to all David

    David Zeal

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