Message for September - sent with LOVE

It’s September - well in Australia anyway!!

I trust you’re in good flow and your transition from August and into the new month is pleasant. If you are struggling I trust you feel some good vibes from this message of LOVE to you.

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August has been a big month of healing and settling into the new selves that we’ve become. The last half of the month has seen tremendous focus across the board on truth and living authentically. We’re looking at this personally - how honestly we are living, as well as on the bigger scale - there are inauthentic actions being exposed publicly from high profile people and identities. As we transition from the one month to the next we’re reminded to stay as true and real as possible - always.

I’ve pulled a few cards for September - so let’s look and see what the guidance is (it’s a guide only)…

The first week of September is a week of manifestation - which means things will be taking form and coming into actuality. There is a focus around our creative interests and personally recognizing how much we have improved on the skills we’ve been practicing in private. Honesty will continue to be a theme this week.

During the second week of September we’re being encouraged to speak up, clear the air and stand our ground. This will help us step outside-the-box and move a little bit closer to our freedom. The energy is heightened this week and this is a great time to consider philosophical questions and practice spiritual interests.

The third week of September brings forth new energy, and receiving new information and opportunities. We’re encouraged to trust in our intuition and what feels right, or not so right to us. This is a great week to consider our journey in the long term, especially when or how we will ‘make our move’ in the future.

The final week of September reminds us to look beyond appearances and what is being presented to us on the surface - especially focused around new pathways, or a new way forward. This will be a great week to refuel and recharge ourselves. Let’s ensure we ‘do the right thing’ in regards to ourselves and others.

The theme for September highlights gatherings, meetings and connecting with people of like-mind. On a personal level our reality is expanding - even though we’ve had to wave goodbye to some people and activities from our life - we’ve had to ‘cut out’ the rotten parts of the tree so the whole tree doesn’t ‘go bad’. By picking and choosing more in that alignment with our truth we are expanding ourselves and our reality into new experiences.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday (except the 17th) during September. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below.

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My theme word / focus for September has been announced. Check out the article link below.

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A big THANK YOU to my Temple of Balance Patrons, Pillar of Light Family and those of you who support my work through my website - I appreciate your support which helps me be able to do my work full time.

I will be away from the 10-24 Sept. My supportive services (including Spirit Guide Drawings) will open up again for bookings on the 1st of October. I have scheduled posts on my main facebook pages and groups while I am away. I will not be online at all. Cory will be checking things online, and will continue to reply to emails and post out any orders which may come in during that time. I will be fulfilling patron rewards as usual (before the 10th).

I trust you have a wonderfully flowing and happy journey through September,

All my LOVE and gratitude,

Lee-Anne Peters


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