Message for October - sent with LOVE

Welcome to October!

It’s been a hectic start to the month for me, so it feels great to get this written and out to you today. I trust this message finds you well and you are starting off the new month, and season with focus, gusto and confidence. If you’ve had a tough start, I trust something in this message supports you.

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September was an important month of breaking old ties and starting new connections. Many of us were inspired to be ultra real - and not to prove a point or to look good in front of others - no, the only REAL that matters has been to be real with ourselves. We faced challenging parts of our life and personality, and were confronted by our ‘flaws’. But we traveled through it and came out the other side (maybe still coming) feeling focused, revived and connected.

I’ve pulled a few cards for October - so let’s look and see what the guidance is (it’s a guide only)…

The first week of October (although over now is important to recap on) saw many of us inspired to hang-low and enjoy our private time in healing, mending and quiet. This was especially important to help us stay focused and attentive to what we needed to focus on.

As we journey into the second week of October some of us may move into a time of healing and repair for our physical body. A decision may need to be made this week, and we would do best to decide after some pondering, when we receive clarity, and with our rose-coloured glasses off.

The third week for some of us may feel like we’re in limbo. Waiting, wondering and perhaps becoming impatient, as something long-awaited gets closer to actuality. There is an intensity to the energy this week, with an emphasis around endings.

The fourth week of October lightens as abundance draws in around us and we find ourselves in general good-flow. We may need to stand our ground and clear the air this week, and find the courage to do so. ‘

Our theme for October is focused around LOVE, togetherness and true equality - seeing ourselves and each other for who we really are, and accepting it. We may find we ‘wait’ a lot in October, but it will be worth the wait. So let’s use our waiting time wisely and prepare, mend, and strengthen LOVE connections while we wait.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during October. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member (or Patron) - please see the link below.

My Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards have completed printing and packaging with my printer. Tomorrow (Mon 8th) we’re supposed to receive word and details on shipping. So not long to go now, and as soon as I know the cards are on their way, and I have scheduled in a launch date (online launch), then I will send out another email to everyone with the details.

This month we are running with a learning theme in our Pillar of Light Family. It is focused around Spiritual Connections during October. We’ve been looking at it already from a personal perspective, and this week will be from a ‘life’ angle, with the subsequent weeks focused around Spirit and then Healing perspectives.

Our 2019 Tasmania Healing Retreat is soon to close for bookings. This is the last month to secure your bed and position at the retreat. More details on the link below.

A big THANK YOU to my Temple of Balance Patrons, Pillar of Light Family and those of you who support my work through my website - I appreciate your support which helps me be able to do my work full time.

There are new ceramics and pendants on my site.

I trust you have a wonderfully connected and joyful October. If our paths happen to cross, I look forward to connecting with you,

All my LOVE and gratitude,

Lee-Anne Peters


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