Message for May - sent with LOVE


I trust that this message finds you well, and if not that you receive something helpful within it. I trust your journey through April was fulfilling and your transition into May smooth. To receive them directly to your inbox please signup here: (option 2).

April continued the transformative theme from March as many of us hit rock bottom and climbed our way out.

I’ve pulled some cards to help support and give us direction for the new month of May - so let’s see (this is a guide only):

The first week of May sees the potential for us to break down illusion and the insecurities we hold within our heart and mind that hold us back. There is great support around for reflection time on this and making a new and more assertive decision about our next course of action. We may also feel quite sensitive during this week.

As we move into week two of the month things may quiet down as it will be important to ensure we don’t overload our schedule - instead let’s make time for self nurturing and being in nature. Balance will be top priority this week so we stay on top of the time demands we’ve already committed to. Let’s not overbook this week for it will be busy enough.

Week three sees a renewed sense of appreciation for our life and people / things in it. Some of us may be blessed with abundance this week and be in a great sense of flow and rhythm as we open ourselves up to receive and count our blessings.

Moving into the last week of May meetings and gatherings with others of like-mind may arise. This will be a chance for us to have our say and reclaim our position. There is much joy and LOVE in the air this week as our heart opens in joyful song and motivation for our journey.

The energy is quite beautiful and poetic throughout May. The first week may require some dedication and adjustment. Our theme energy for May is to work with the new and creative energy which is coming into our life to avoid overwhelm. Let’s keep our heart open and remain as aware as possible.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports, coming to you twice weekly throughout May. You can enjoy these by becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below if you’re inspired to.

Thank you to our Temple of Balance Patrons for your ongoing support. We’ve just passed our next milestone!! I am so honoured and grateful. That means in the next week or so I will be personally emailing all of you with my genuine thanks and with a little personal message for you.

Our next Distant Healing Event - live video stream - is happening on Friday the 5:5 (5th May). It takes place on my Temple of Balance Facebook page. Take a peak in the ‘events tab’ for the time and information.

At the moment I have rebooted my Self-Healing Intensive Program. It is on sale until the 7th of May. You can join in anytime. It is extremely intensive, revealing and a deep experience - it includes daily dedications, healing meditations and suggestions. If you’re inspired to join in this journey with me, please take a look on the link below.

Our next retreat has been penciled in from 13 - 16 October - this is a one-off 3 x night retreat for those of you only able to come to the shorter period. Take a look on the link below for details. The details for our 7 x night retreat coming in Feb 2018, will be available soon.

I trust your May is beautiful and loving,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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